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Fun Thanksgiving Games for All the Family

Updated on August 29, 2012
Have fun with Thanksgiving Games.
Have fun with Thanksgiving Games. | Source

Great Thanksgiving Games

One great way to enjoy Thanksgiving together as a family, especially if you have visitors over for dinner, is to have some Thanksgiving games that are suitable for adults and kids alike. There are plenty of Thanksgiving games that you can play that either are just a bit of fun and frivolity or there are also games that recall the spirit of Thanksgiving and make people think about what they are thankful for. Perhaps the mix of the two can be a good idea!

If you are looking for some Thanksgiving games then check out the selection below - you don't have to pay out big money - some of the games start at under $2 and these can still give you a great amount of fun and add to the atmosphere. Maybe you can choose a couple to cover all tastes of the people that you have around at your house for the Thanksgiving holiday if you are having guests over.

Sometimes it is really difficult to make time to spend with the whole family so Thanksgiving should give you that quality time and for that reason I am not going to cover any computer or online Thanksgiving games here as I believe this is one time that families should try and interact with each other, but maybe that is just me, and an old fashioned viewpoint!

Thanksgiving Games Geared to Kids

Pin The Hat On The Turkey Game
Pin The Hat On The Turkey Game

This game for me takes me back to my childhood when we would play pin the tail on the donkey and it is a great game for all of the family where no-one is at an advantage because of age. OK so you could make this game yourself by getting your children to color in a large picture of a turkey and using those eye masks that you often get given on airplanes but to be honest, at a cost of less than $2, is it worth making?!


Thanksgiving Games for All the Family

Although all of these Thanksgiving games are suitable for everyone - the ones above may be better for those who have younger children in the family who they want to keep entertained.

The games below may be suitable more for adults - particularly the first two if you just have adults at your Thanksgiving celebrations - but can also involve children, particularly those who are a little older.

Thanksgiving Games for the Family

The Thanksgiving Game
The Thanksgiving Game

This game is a recent invention and is recommended for those ages 7 and upwards. Form the look of it it may be slightly more suitable for adults but if you have mature kids then they will probably enjoy it. It is all about expressing what you are thankful for and guessing who is thankful for what - it is great in times like these to realize that there are things to be thankful for and this game brings that out. it has been featured on CBN News and on the ABC Family network and can be played year after year, adding a prize that you can think of as maybe your own family tradition.


Thanksgiving Games on eBay

You may also be able to get hold of some great priced Thanksgiving games on eBay, especially if you buy them out of season, you can then often get some great prices on second hand or new Thanksgiving games. Please note however that what you see below may not be totally Thanksgiving games but also other products related to Thanksgiving as I have limited control over the display below but have tried to show what might be available within the category 'Thanksgiving Games' on eBay.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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    • Azure11 profile image

      Marian L 6 years ago from UK

      Exactly my thoughts! (see my comment on the game!)

      Thanks kikalina

    • kikalina profile image

      kikalina 6 years ago from Europe

      That pin the hat on the turkey game reminded me of the pin the tail on the donkey game we used to play 20 years ago. ty voted up.