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Thanksgiving Jam

Updated on December 4, 2009

Giving Thanks Always

 It's thanksgiving man
 'nough turkey, salad, dessert and ham.
 We gathered one, we gathered all
 Ignoring computer, work and mall
 For once a year through snow or rain
 Economy bad or rolling on
 We all jump in thanksgiving jam.
 Hear the sound of children play
 See in- laws and blood take some- give way
 Granny and Grandpa smiled on and on
 Yes, we all enjoy thanksgiving jam.
 Some by air, by rail and road
 Shaking disappointment, delay and load
 For nothing can mess or spoil this band
 Heading with joy to thanksgiving jam.
 And then the day comes; it's gone
 Heads bob, hearts gallop, moods are up
 Participants dance a jig or two
 Grateful for food and family too
 Delighted that this day will stand
 A time for all a time for one
 Forever live - thanksgiving jam.
 Yet soon we go and soon forget
 Thanksgiving jam is not s one night stand.
 Wake up - give thanks - we could be dead
 Have bread - give thanks - it could be lead.
 Have friends - give thanks - many don't
 Have health - give thanks - complaining less
 For relief, many the world would give -no less.
 Each day day we wake - go out - come in
 Thanksgiving jam should be our thing.
 Today our last it could be
 Complaints forever makes a murky sea
 We want to live, enjoy the moment
 The end sometimes is quick and final
 Then what?
 We would have lost life's greatest joys
 Thanksgiving jam, thanksgiving jam
 Wrapped in every moment man.


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