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Thanksgiving Greetings from Work at Home Grandma

Updated on November 24, 2014

Give Thanks to God for His Blessings

The other day I received an essay in an email that really touched my heart. It pointed out the many things we all take for granted such as walking, running, hearing and seeing. When I was young and able to jog two miles everyday I never even thought about how lucky I was. Now when my knees have gone bad and I can no longer jog let alone walk my granddaughter to the park, I realize how lucky I was.

How often do we forget that we live in the freedom that so many do not have. We find ourselves complaining about our government and our laws but thank God we have the right to complain. When I think of the many countries where freedom to express thoughts and ideas is prohibited, then I begin to kick myself for complaining. All too often we forget that no matter how bad things get for us there is always someone far worse off then we are.

Enjoy Thanksgiving

Wishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving

At Thanksgiving and all year round we all need to take time to reflect on our many blessings that God bestows upon us. We take so much for granted in this country; the freedom to speak our mind; the freedom to worship as we choose; and most of all the freedom decide our own destiny.

So often we look at our outward circumstances and forget the power we have inside of ourselves. Reach for that power; find that power and you can move mountains.


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    • Sandra Eastman profile image

      Sandra Joy Eastman 2 years ago from Robbinsdale MN

      Thanks Bill. It was lovely. First time I ate it as had been the host for 25 years and this year my younger brother took over the job. When I cook for 8 hours I can never eat the meal. The smell has filled me up. Silly huh? Hope yours was wonderful also.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I have to apologize, Sandra. I saw this when it was posted, and was going to leave a comment, then got distracted, and then promptly forgot all about it. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend.