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Thanksgiving Costumes

Updated on August 13, 2014

Thanksgiving Costume Fun

Who says Halloween is the only time for costumes? Not me! Thanksgiving offers great chances to dress up for the holiday, and you don't have to pick from hundreds of possible costumes like you have to on Halloween, but looking for a turkey, Pilgrim or Indian costume is all you need to make it a great celebration which everyone will enjoy.

With a built-in theme for Thanksgiving, it all adds to a great experience when you add Thanksgiving decorations along with Thanksgiving costumes. It'll make you feel somewhat what the Pilgrims and Indians experienced at that first Thanksgiving so long ago.

Thanksgiving costumes are so enjoyable to wear because everyone pretty much dressed alike in those days, and having a corporate Thanksgiving experience involved in that way is always a family-building situation which will benefit everyone.

So whether you want to be the sacrificial turkey in a costume, or play the part of a Pilgrim or Indian, it's all great fun, and recreates a memorable time in American history, while offering up thanksgiving for the blessings God has given us.

Turkey Costumes

We of course must start of Thanksgiving costumes by presenting some turkey costumes.

The first one is great, but I'm sure the second you looked at it you thought exactly what I thought, that you wouldn't last long hunched over in that position. But it does make for a great photo while you could last in it. Looking at it it's hard to tell if you can straighten up or not, but maybe you can, even if it may tighten up some. Standing up in the turkey costume would look fantastic as well.

Below that is what looks almost like a mascot for a sports team, but still a great Thanksgiving turkey costume that looks hilarious.

And for those that are extra bold, that final photo of the turkey hat is a real hoot. Now that's something I could get into.

Thanksgiving Turkey Costumes

Turkey Costume for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Turkey Costume Hat

Dogs in Turkey Costumes

If you have a dog and want to include them in your Thanksgiving costume party, here are a couple that really look cute on them, and they would probably last long enough to get some enjoyment out of them, as you know some dogs would work hard to get out of them.

There are also dog Pilgrim costumes as you can see above, which look terrific too.

Turkey Costume for Dogs

Pilgrim and Indian Children's Costumes

Below are several cute Thanksgiving costumes for boys and girls, including Pilgrim and Indian costumes.

With the original celebration including Pilgrims and American Indians, it's nice to include all participants in our Thanksgiving costume theme, and as you can see, the costumes are really cute.

The costumes also provide opportunities for families to discuss the importance of how those working together at that time helped people to survive a harsh winter, one of the major reasons for offering thanksgiving together in the first place.

Pilgrim Boy's Costume

Pilgrim Girl's Costume

Indian Boy Costume

Indian Girl Costume

Adult and Family Pilgrim Thanksgiving Costumes

As mentioned above, Thanksgiving is a very themed holiday, and Pilgrims are one of the chief participants in it. So dressing in fun Pilgrim costumes as a family is a wonderful way to enter into the spirit of the special Thanksgiving holiday.

Below are some cool photos of family and adult Pilgrim costumes.

Pilgrim Family Thanksgiving Costumes

Male Adult Pilgrim Thanksgiving Costume

Female Adult Pilgrim Thanksgiving Costume

Thanksgiving Pilgrim, Turkey and Indian Costumes

So you can see how having a costume Thanksgiving can really add to the fun and celebration of the day, and these Thanksgiving costume photos show how you can look as some of our ancestors did when they celebrated the day for the first time in history.


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      Sharon Stephen 8 years ago

      Lots of good ideas here! There is a retail chain in New York called Ricky’s NYC that has a ton of fun costume ideas, including some you discussed here. You can check it out online at or .