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Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Updated on November 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Flowers and What They're Used For

Like all other design elements, flowers for Thanksgiving can be of almost any type or variety, depending on the taste of the one you're giving them to. Even so, there is a general theme for Thanksgiving flowers, and like much of Thanksgiving décor and centerpieces, involve the fall colors like purple, orange, red and yellow, mixed in sometimes with other complementary colors.

Flowers for thanksgiving can be a hostess gift of course, but also play a major part in Thanksgiving décor, like along a mantle, in a Thanksgiving wreath, or possibly in a Thanksgiving gift basket. You get the idea.

The point of course is that flowers play a big part of our Thanksgiving celebration, and you can display them in a number of ways to create a great atmosphere for the meal and social interation, or give them as gifts to show appreciation for those that have went to so much effort to make the day special for you.

Either way, Thanksgiving flowers are an important part of the celebration of the special day, and here are a number of ways you can do present them, as shown in the photos below.

Variety of Uses for Thanksgiving Flowers

As you can see in the photos below of Thanksgiving flowers, the multitude of uses you can put them to is almost endless, as are the arrangements. From fresh cut flowers to artificial flowers, from Thanksgiving wreaths to Thanksgiving centerpieces, or placing flowers in a basket, you can take all the colorful flower displays and mold them to the preference of the one you're giving them to or the Thanksgiving décor you want to present to your guests and family to help build or complment your desired atmosphere for the day.

Another great use of flowers in any circumstance is how they can be adapted to almost any type of accessory, and you can make them a part of whatever you choose to, and it works, as you can see below.

Fresh Cut Thanksgiving Flowers

Bouquet of Thanksgiving Flowers

Thanksgiving Flower Centerpiece with Candles

Basket of Flowers for Thanksgiving

Colorful Bouquet of Thanksgiving Flowers

Thanksgiving Flower Power

If you haven't used flowers as part of your Thanksgiving celebration in the past, you might want to think of doing it this year, as they are a great addition to any Thanksgiving dinner and gathering you have.

Include some other Thanksgiving decorations like gourds, leaves and other fall-related items, and you can see how rich and diverse you can make this special time with your family and friends.


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