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Thanksgiving Games, Activities, Coloring and Printables for Kids

Updated on June 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

Even though Thanksgiving activities are usually not too difficult to figure out for adults, for children, especially young children, it's a challenge to keep them out of everyone's hair and find something for them to do.

Of course they want to be able to hang out with the adults for some of the time, but we usually end up boring them when we start talking, watching a ball game or just wanting to relax for awhile.

In other words, eventually we can't hold them off any further, we've got to find something interesting and compelling for them to do at their age level.

Depending on where the Thanksgiving celebration is being held, that may prove hard, especially if grandpa and grandma have long gotten rid of all their toys, or if your own children are older and younger ones are coming to spend the day.

But here are a few ideas that should help make Thanksgiving a lot more fun and interesting for children.

Tracing Activities

One thing you can do with young children is have them trace their hand or foot onto a piece of paper, and from there you can have them do all sorts of little things with their imprint that they'll love to do to show off and give to mom and dad.

You could have them sit somewhere where it would be safe to color in their traced area. One thing that works great and keeps the concern about ruining someone's walls is to have them use a temporary marker on a temporary board. Both are pretty cheap to buy, and if you already have one just bring it with you if you're the parent of the children, or if you want to keep from setting them up for behavior failure, have a couple available at your home if you're the host.

Something as simple as this can keep children busy for a little while, and a little while counts when you're trying to be a host or interact with other members of the family. As you can see below, keeping a traced hand with the Thanksgiving theme is very easy to do, and children will love it.

Tracing hand and making turkey

Thanksgiving Printables or Coloring Pages

Another really quick thing you can do is type in the term "Thanksgiving Printables" into an Internet search engine and you'll come up with a bunch of images you can print on your computer printer and make as many as you want and for as long as you want. There are an endless number of these Thanksgiving printables available, and the younger children will love to choose what they like and then color it in. This will help them spend even more time doing a fun activity they really enjoy, and it's quick and easy on your part to do.

Just be sure to have some crayons or washable markers available for the little ones to use, and a place they can sit to do it.

These are also called Thanksgiving coloring pages by some people, so you could also enter that in when performing your search and you'll receive a ton of printable images you can download and hand out to the kids. There are a couple of examples below of what Thanksgiving printables look like.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Printables for Children

Thanksgiving Stickers

Although I call them Thanksgiving stickers, you could use any stickers and if you don't have them, can buy them pretty cheaply. These are very compelling for children who love to press them onto paper and numerous other objects.

You could have paper of course, or you could have a bunch of paper cups you could challenge them to fill up with stickers.

Just be generous with how many you get, as kids can go through stickers quickly, and will be done with that project fast if they don't have a lot of stickers for them to work with.

Thanksgiving Stickers

Stickers for Thanksgiving

A Few Minutes Planning Will Make Thanksgiving a Great Day for You and Kids

Thanksgiving for and with little children doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience for you or your guests if you're the host. Just these few things mentioned here would go a long way towards having the little ones really enjoy the day, and maybe eventually tire themselves out from all the eating and all the fun.

And maybe you can be able to spend some quality time with your family if you are prepared and ready to meet the needs of the children.


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