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Thanksgiving Turkey Ideas and Tips

Updated on August 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation Tips

With this article I want to talk about and show tips concerning Thanksgiving turkeys, but since you can find an endless number of hints and tips to cook your turkey in the correct manner, let's focus more on how to set the turkey out on the platter before you start to cut it for a great presentation on the table. After all, have the fun of cooking a turkey is the final creation where everyone looks at your work of art and almost salivate at how good it looks.

In the Thanksgiving turkey photos below, we'll look at a bunch of turkeys that have been just finished being cooked, and the way they were presented before they were carved up.

Some of these look so good that it made me want to go cook a turkey right away in order to satisfy that Thanksgiving turkey craving that suddenly came over me.

So I must warn you before you go any further, prepare for dangerous hunger and taste bud pangs as you go ahead, as the culinary photos will definitely generate some uncontrollable urges to get your Thanksgiving bird going.

Enjoy the many ideas presented in the Thanksgiving turkey photos below.

Turkey Wrapped in Bacon

Talk about a unique Thanksgiving turkey presentation from the first photo. This one is wrapped in bacon, and is not only unique looking, but would obviously have a unique flavor. This is the first one I've seen like this, and is pretty cool.

While I personally may not want an entire turkey cooked in bacon, I think maybe wrapping a leg to try it out before committing fully would be a great idea.

Bacon Wrapped Turkey

Rich Red Glazed Turkey

Already I'm getting in the mood for turkey looking at these first two turkeys. Below that deep, rich red glaze looks outstanding, and I bet tastes fantastic too. What is it? It's a glaze made from mango. It would surely add a touch of sweetness to the flavor of the meat.

Deep Red Glazed Turkey

Turkey Platter with a Lot of Color

This is a fantastic turkey platter if you really like a lot of color, as this person did. I don't think I've seen such a strong amount and variety of colors that really make it all stand out. Great turkey presentation.

The only problem to me is the color was done so well around the turkey, that it makes the turkey look somewhat plain. Think of what that color would have looked like around the deep red turkey above.

I also think stuffing some of the fruit between the leg and body of the turkey would have worked well, as would maybe placing it higher up on the turkey so the color and the turkey weren't delineated so much.

Colorful Turkey Platter

Gorgeous Thanksgiving Turkey Platters

The next several turkey platters I'll let speak for themselves by just looking at them and seeing how people put them together. These are what most people would do with their turkey presentations, and so offer turkey tips and ideas through example.

With the exception of one turkey, all of them include that delicious golden brown look which makes one salivate when seeing them.

But these photos are more than just about the turkey, but rather to generate ideas on how you may want to put together a platter while using fruits, vegetables and dressing to complement the turkey.

Also notice how leaves were used in a variety of circumstances to create an unusual and compelling look to the turkey platter.

Golden Brown Turkey Platter

Turkey Platter with Dressing and Brussel Sprouts

Turkey Platter with Candles Surrounding it

Turkey Platter is Sprigs and Fruit

Turkey Platter with Lettuce, Fruit and Dressing

Great Turkey Tips and Ideas for Platters

Weren't those turkey Thanksgiving platters all great? You have everything from the first three, which were very unique, and in some cases loud, to the last five photos of turkey platters which while all different, being very subtle and nice to look at.

You can see how you can take some fruits, vegetables, lettuce, dressing and leaves to create an awesome work of turkey platter art to make everyone want to take a bite out of the turkey even more than normal.

Whatever your tastes, these images should give you some good ideas and tips to create and take photos of your Thanksgiving turkey platter masterpiece before it is permanently destroyed. Remember your camera!


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