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Thanksgiving Turkey Printable Coloring Pages

Updated on November 11, 2015

Thanksgiving activities for the kids

Families look forward to Thanksgiving as one of their favorite days of the year, as they get together to remind one another of their roots and that they're not alone in the world.

It's a day of celebration, thanking God for the blessings we have received, and that we're together one more year to share in it.

That doesn't change the fact most of us have children or grandchildren as part of our gatherings, and that means we need to have things to keep them busy and active in order to keep the noise level down to a minimum because of how excited they are.

To that end one activity I've seen work well is with various printable coloring pages featuring a Thanksgiving theme. In this article we'll look at several of them with a Turkey as the main character. You'll be able to immediately download and save them, or print them out to have them available in plenty of time for the children to interact with.

Turkey on a platter coloring page

I though we'd start of with something simple, and there's nothing better or more recognizable than a turkey on a platter. Most children that have participated in a Thanksgiving dinner will know what this is, and if they're really young, it can be used to explain the delicious meal about to be served.

This is a good design for young children because of the large and delineated lines that can be colored.

The smaller pieces of food at the bottom of the platter surrounding the turkey, could be used to provide different color options if a child wants to experiment.

Pilgrim turkey printable

Staying with a simpler theme, the next image provides a fun look at a turkey wearing a Pilgrim's hat. It has a lot of large spaces to color in, with the option of using various colors.

This could be used for some beginners, but also for those children a little more advanced who want a harder challenge and variety, but not a challenge that is too hard. This turkey spreading its feathers fits that very well.

Printable Pilgrim turkey coloring page

Funny image of Turkey running for its life on Thanksgiving

This next turkey design is one that everyone should enjoy. It's the fun theme of a turkey running for its life on Thanksgiving Day, in hopes of not becoming the main course.

I also like this for beginners because it has such a large space to color in, with little to frustrate if they're trying to color somewhat within the lines. It's also a nice conversation piece to interact with and trying to explain the humor to a young child.

Thanksgiving turkey running for its life

Overconfident turkey?

I thought this image of a turkey was funny because of the look on its face that suggests it is far too overconfident during the season concerning his life span. It seems to suggest by wearing the hat he has elevated himself to a place of safety.

It looks more detailed than some of the other turkeys, but that's primarily because there is more detail in the feathers and body, but that doesn't interfere with being able to color in on top of them.

I really like the face of this turkey, and wouldn't mind taking time to color that in myself.

Coloring page of Pilgrim turkey

Advanced Thanksgiving turkey coloring page

For those that like a challenge, including adults who enjoy filling in detailed images like the turkey below, this is a great option. It's something a group of creative older kids and adults could do together if they have a creative nature.

I have grandchildren who love to color in these types of designs with a lot of detail, and they have graduated from crayons to thin pencils and fine point markets, among other tools, to try different things.

This one almost has the feel of being a stained glass turkey, with the design being flat where the feathers are spread out. It's a unique and interesting design for those liking a challenge on trying different colors to create various end results.

Detailed turkey coloring page printable

Thanksgiving turkey maze for something different

If you and the children grow tired of coloring turkeys, you can take another step and print out this turkey maze, which should provide a lot of fun.

I would print out several of them in order to offer some friendly competition to see who can solve the maze the quickest. Each person should be given a colored pencil, marker or pen to trace the maze once they figure it out, so they can show how they got to the other side.

These are always fun to do, and adults and older children can enjoy competing to see who the person with the best maze skills are.

Printable Thanksgiving turkey maze

Thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving Day is an awesome day, and to keep things running somewhat smoothly in the midst of all the excitement, having a group of coloring pages for different age groups and skill levels is one way for children to take some down time while enjoying what they're doing. It also gives adults a little breather with minimal supervision.

There are a lot more free Thanksgiving Day coloring page themes and designs to choose from, but for those looking for a turkey theme, these are a nice group of options to choose from.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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