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The Holiday Toy List

Updated on October 25, 2012

Need to know what the hottest toys are this year? Here are some of my picks for the hottest toys of the upcoming Holiday season!

WWE Toys Brawlin Buddies

Let's get ready to RUMMBBLLEE! Yes the WWE has a HUGE following these days and kids are NO exception. You can find a ton of kids WWE merchandise. One of the most popular is the WWE Brawlin Buddies. They are a miniature size of your favorite WWE wrestler. They are soft and say the wrestlers famous catch phrase. Great for pillow fights or just wrestling around!

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Yo Ho Let's Go! This is the catch phrase of Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. This Disney Jr hit is popular with the young ones! Peter Pan stops by from time to time to visit Jake and his pals. Jake, Izzy and Cubby are always dealing with Captain Hook! It seems this pirate gets jealous and wants whatever they have. Many times the Neverland crew has to go get their toys back from him! Needless to say Jake and Izzy were very popular costumes this year. I am sure they will be twice as popular toys!

Nintendo 3ds

Nintendo DS has a hand held three D gaming system. This year the screen is bigger than before ! It is compatible with the older games such as Mario and Zelda. The system comes in several stylish colors and come with a stylus.


Yep he is back and better than ever. This little guy as great day glo colors and LED eyes to match his mood! Get the app and virtually feed your little guy with a tablet or phone. If you don't have one of those then no matter. You can always feed him the old fashioned way! You can still teach him to tall or learn "furbish". beware parents. I don't know if there is an Off button!

Phineas and Ferb

You see them everywhere when you walk into the toy store! Phineas and Ferb Merchandise! Obviously inspired by the hit Disney TV show, Phineas and Ferb. These two boys are always into something and are constantly making fun where ever they go! These icons of summer have a lot of items out there from plush Phineas and Ferb to plush Perry the Platypus. What I am going to highlight for you below is a contraption no doubt invented by the "evil" Dr Doofinsmirf.. The Awakenator!!!

Yes this evil device is set to wake you up in time for school! The Phineas and Ferb Awak-Inator radio Alarm clock features our own Perry the Platypus holding a bomb like device. ( which is of course the radio) The Radio features LCD lighting as well as AM FM radio. Oh and of course a snooze button!

Spongebob Legos

Spongebob is back! Well he never really went away did he? But Spongebob Legos did. Recently Spongebob fans have been finding Spongebob Legos on their local toy store shelves. Several customer reviews I have read mention how happy they are to have them back at reasonable prices. I have purchased a Spongebob Lego set and I concur that they are absolutely fun! Here is a review of one I have purchased below!

LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants Krusty Krab Adventures

This Krusty Krab was not difficult to build at all. Now when I opened the box and poured out the 225 pieces I was not sure I would even be able to put it together. However, with the instruction booklet that is mostly pictures mind you, my son and I put it together. In fact my son has to correct me a time or two! The Krusty Krab took about an hour to put together. It was fun to do together. The Krusty Krab came with open and shut doors and a grill on the outside. Also included was a Krabby Patty Mobile. That was cute and my son enjoyed having Patrick, Spongebob and Mr. Krabs drive around in it. I recommend this Spongebob Lego set. Keep in mind the parts are small so this is NOT a toy for wee little ones!


Olivia is HOT this year. It did not take long for Nick Jr's Star of Daytime to catch the imaginations of children and the hearts of adults. She is a stylish pig who is always up to some thing. Through her every day journeys she teaches our kids about making choices and self respect. Olivia has many different toys, books and products available. But the best gift I think for any child is just her plush ol adorable self!

Olivia in Red Dress is 11 inches tall. She is safe for all ages! Many customers write how durable she is and how much their child really takes to her. Parents even comment that she is cute and loveable. A must have for any Olivia fan.


Oh Yes. Superheros are very in this year! This is not surprising with all the influence of the media. The surper hero movies such as Thor, The Green lantern and Captain America will all have an influence on your child's Christmas List this year. What to pick?

Marvel Captain America Disc Launching Shield

The Captain America Disc Launching Shield is an electronic shield that can shoot five disks at least 20 feet into the air. Foam disks come with the toy. Insert four AA batteries and you are ready for action! The Shield lets off a siren sound every time it launches a disk. The shield also comes with a handgrip and strap. Customers state their children really like it.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon - MechTech Voyager - Megatron

Transformer Toys are another media inspired wish list. They have never quite went out of style but are back bigger and better since the movie, the Dark Side of the Moon was released. One of the more popular Transformers this year is Megatron a robot villain! Megatron turns into a Mack truck and has a blaster on his hand. The Blaster also turns into a fusion cannon! Customer reviews are very positive about this figure!

Animal Planet Remote Control Snake

Animal Planet

Anything from Animal Planet makes a great gift. And yes that includes remote controlled snakes And spiders! This remote control snake takes two AA batteries and two AAA batteries. This remote control boa is over 20 inches long and has a egg remote control. It is recommend for ages 6 and up. It is very realistic looking!


Webkinz are furry friends you can bring home for the holiday season.  These furry creatures are special because  they can go virtual!  Once you bring them home log onto your computer to show your furry friends their new virtual home.  The site has a lot of fun features. You can take quizzes and play games to earn virtual dollars.  You can even have your friends webkinz come and visit your virutal pad.  There are many many animals to choose from.  You can visit the website listed below for a tour of what to expect.  But remember Amazon has good deals!


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