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Cheap Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20

Updated on March 9, 2014

The Quest for Affordable Gifts

Finding cheap corporate gifts is not difficult. In fact, nothing could be easier. But finding good gifts that also happen to cost less can be difficult.

You want to stay within budget, but you also want to convey the message that your business is doing well financially while giving thanks to the people who make it happen.

That is a lot to ask from a gift that costs under $20!

But it is possible to give a thoughtful gift without breaking the budget, and that is something the whole company can appreciate.


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Images by Contractors Institute and Carsten Lorentzen on Flickr
Images by Contractors Institute and Carsten Lorentzen on Flickr

The Old Favorites

There are any number of situations in which corporations have to give gifts, from an employee’s promotion to hosting a group of colleagues from out of town. Not all of these situations call for very expensive, elaborate gifts. For smaller occasions, like the welcoming of a new employee or a project completed on time and under budget, try these old favorites, which can be printed with your name and/or logo:

Mugs. You can branch out and find more sleek travel mugs or stainless steel sports water bottles.

Apparel. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and polo shirts are popular. If budget allows, get those fitted for men and those fitted for women. They’ll appreciate the small detail and be more apt to wear these items.

Tote bags. In this vein, try reusable shopping bags. These are popping up everywhere, and it is a great way to put your brand at the local grocery store! You can also try messenger bags, which can be very reasonably priced.

Food. Very rarely will food steer you wrong. A basket full of gourmet desserts and cookies is a wonderful treat that will be appreciated. Fill your basket with a variety of treats, and try to tailor them to the individual’s personality if possible.

Corporate Logo Cookies & Cutting Board Meat/Cheese Gift from AA Gifts & Baskets
Corporate Logo Cookies & Cutting Board Meat/Cheese Gift from AA Gifts & Baskets | Source

Creative Ideas for Small Budgets

Fair trade and eco-friendly gifts. These often cost very little and have an interesting story attached. WorldofGood, for instance, sells a variety of products that help the communities in which they are made. A container of real African shea butter or a package of pachyderm paper (made from elephant dung!) are not only different, but very earth-friendly, socially conscious gifts. And they are very reasonably priced.

Local goodies. This can be another way to save money without skimping on quality. Check out local producers and manufacturers: whether you give a gift basket full of locally grown produce or a selection of homemade preserves with a bottle of locally produced wine, it is a scrumptious way to say thank you and save money.

Gourmet lollipops with your business name. These are sweet treats that are fun for small occasions.

A small or travel-sized French press. Who doesn’t love coffee, especially at work?

Holiday meat and cheese gift. Have your name or logo branded into the wood on the side or bottom of the board.

Multi-tool. These gadgets, which come with a variety of great tools, can cost well under $20, and you can have your corporate name engraved on it.

Pen drive keychain. These are useful as well as fun, and they come in a wide variety of styles.

Brass wine bottle top. Again, these can be engraved, and they’re useful for the wine drinkers in your office.

Desktop plant. Bamboo is a great choice because it is decorative, low-maintenance, and soothing.


It Is Possible

You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to give your corporate contacts wonderful holiday gifts. Try these ideas next time you have a gift-giving occasion, you'll save yourself money and you’ll see a great return on your investment.


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    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 6 years ago

      You've got some great ideas here. It gets harder and harder to find gifts under $20. Love the giant "engraved" chocolate bar!

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      Excellent ideas, and plenty of them.

      Very enjoyable and useful hub indeed.

      Thank you.