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The Advantages Of Luxury Restrooms At Your Next Event

Updated on June 9, 2014

Whether it’s an ethnic festival, an outdoor wedding, a large family reunion or a golf tournament, you want every detail of your gathering to transpire seamlessly with no unexpected surprises. The details for planning any kind of significant event can feel overwhelming, but accommodating the basic ‘gotta go’ needs of your guests shouldn’t be one of them!

Many people envision portable restrooms as the one-man shanties we have all seen at typical construction sites. And even though those most-basic portable commodes serve their purpose very well, there is a lot more ‘posh’ to portable potties than many people are privy to. Are you aware that some of the more extravagant mobile restrooms have hot and cold running water as well as central air-conditioning and granite countertops? It’s true. In fact, some of the more upscale mobile ‘suites’ would make our own bathrooms, at home, appear dull and uninviting.

Though not every portable facility will have every plush amenity, you can pick and choose what type of unit you can easily afford that will cater to your guests so they will never feel like they have to ‘ask’ if they can use your home’s restroom. Strangers won’t be lingering in your home after using your private bathroom facilities and you can have peace of mind knowing your home remains out-of-bounds while every need of your guests is met—even their need ‘to go’.

Advantages Of Renting Mobile Restroom Facilities:

The reasons for choosing to rent one or more mobile restrooms are many, but there are a few that stand out:

1: The ‘Wow’ Factor:

Assuming you incorporate a portable restroom that goes beyond construction-site grade, your guests will be amazed at the niceties that upper-end mobile restrooms have to offer. Reputable companies who specialize in offering more upscale luxury models will deliver stylish, pristine-looking facilities that even look impressive and inviting before one ever steps inside. Many luxury models are positioned on specialized trailers with railed steps, potted flowers by the entrance, outside lighting and even black bow-tied attendants who will ensure that the safety, functionality and house-keeping elements are all as they should be.

2: Accommodating Many With One:

Don’t think you would have to necessarily rent two units to cater to both genders at one gathering. Some units are large enough to serve both men and women, simultaneously, where each half of the entire unit is gender-specific. And generally speaking, one restroom unit will comfortably accommodate 30 people at one gathering.

3: Dressed To Impress:

If we’re honest with ourselves, when we throw a get-together, it makes us feel good when people walk away feeling captivated by the impressive nuances a party might offer. Whether it’s the food, a sense of welcoming, the entertainment—whatever it might be--we want everything to go perfectly. It strokes our ego and truly does make us feel good when those we care about have had a genuinely wonderful experience that reflects our efforts.

Upscale luxury mobile restrooms are dressed to impress and will show your guests that you have thoughtfully considered their needs and have gone that extra mile to make their stay comfortable and pampered. And speaking of being ‘dressed to impress’, imagine an immaculately uniformed attendant to service each unit and welcome your guests as they enter a given unit. The amenities in the more extravagant portable restrooms are nothing short of astounding.

How about laminate wood floors, beautiful area rugs, gorgeous stone countertops, cherry cabinetry, ceiling fans, waiting rooms, brass faucets and auto-flush commodes? And yes, the high-end amenities will cost more, but if you are holding a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, going that extra mile with luxury mobile restroom facilities will not be forgotten by your guests, nor will you have regrets about offering nothing but the best!


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