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The Best 10 Ways To Show Your Celtic Pride.

Updated on May 21, 2016

The Celtic Culture.

The Celtic culture holds its position strong as one of the oldest cultures in the world that remains steadfast in many popular traditions and customs all over the world. In fact, the beauty of the Celtic culture is that it has manifested itself in to a global culture now, with many of its own traditions bleeding in to other cultures in a completely new form. However, the Celts know their roots and remain quite fascinated with it even in the light of modern day. Therefore, if you are born into the proud culture of the Celts or if you are just simply spellbound by the beauty of the culture, here are 10 ways you can demonstrate your true Celtic pride. This list is in no definite order, but you can choose to do all of them or randomly pick your favourites.

Celtic Cross.

Celebrate The Spirit Of St. Patrick's Day.

You cannot imagine the Welsh without your mind automatically going to this most Irish of all high holidays. St. Patrick was a fifth century Saint born originally in Cumbria (specifically in Roman Britain of those times). He baptized many people and ordained several priests but he had a tragic history where he was also robbed, but in chains and even beaten. However, he remains a legend for the Celtic culture. His death day is celebrated to mark his spirit and it is on the 12th of March every year. Renew the essence of this spirit by creating a ‘Green day’ and of course getting yourself some green beer!

The Beauty Of Irish Culture.

Irish Trivia.

What is the original emblem of Ireland?

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Stock up on Celtic charms in sports goods.

Welsh and a diehard fan of the Boston Celtics? Then you are an ideal contender to head over for monogrammed Celtic sports goods. Top sports brands carry many choices for you. You can pick a Celtics letter jacket, green sneakers or even a Celtics lucky vest for your closet.


Get a Celtic Tattoo.

This might be one of the most painful options on this list but nothing celebrates the Celtic ride and art more than an intricate Celtic tattoo on your body. You can pick the very popular Celtic cross, the signature spiral designs or customize a completely new Celtic design for an authentic tattoo.

The Love of The Irish.

Learn to play the harp.

Sadly, this dying art form was once the biggest pride of the Celtic culture. However, you can still find harpists online or in your area willing to give you lessons to play the instrument. After all, the harp is featured on the presidential flag, the state uniforms, and seals and even on a bottle of the ever-popular Guinness. So, get a harp and celebrate the Celt in you.

Choose a Celtic wall cross.

The Celtic wall cross has a unique design of a cross within a ring. This symbolizes the eternal nature of the cycle of life. It is also inherently meshed with the Celtic outlook of god! Get a Celtic wall cross to hold a position of pride in your home!

Renew your vows with Celtic engagement rings.

If you are about to get married this is just the one for you. However, you can consider the option even if you have been married for quite a few years. Just plan to surprise your spouse with a couple of Celtic engagement rings and renew your vows with the uniqueness of what this particular ring design stands for!

Celtic garden sculpture.

If gardening is your thing, you can get some pretty amazing Celtic garden art to display your Celtic pride. This includes Celtic crosses, carved sculptures and even the garden spirit stick. In fact, some of these are even collectables for specific enthusiasts.

Take a trip to the emerald isle.

If your budget and time permits, why not take a trip to the emerald isles and relive the old world charms of Ireland. Plan a complete travel around the country with stops at Dublin and Galway. Also, take in the local sights, eat the freshly baked scones and reconnect with your Celtic heritage.

Observe the ritual of Beltane.

Regardless of where you are living currently, your Celtic roots tie you strongly to the traditions of the land. Why not celebrate the inherent magic of these rituals by observing May Day to mark Beltane. Just decorate your entire home with yellow flowers and light a candle to purify the energy of your house. If possible, use this flame to rekindle your stove or a barbecue fire to cook food for your family.

Irish Elegance!

Buy Celtic jewellery.

Nothing beats the charm of jewellery and not surprisingly, the Celtic jewellery designs are the most popular worldwide. So invest in a beautiful piece of jewellery in this intricate design. You can also choose a charms bracelets with the charms made out of precious gems, semi precious stones or a mix of both.

Show Your Pride!

Show Your Irish Pride with a t shirt.

A t shirt is always a sure way to go when it comes to showing your Celtic Pride. You don't have to wait till St. Patrick's Day to celebrate your Irish Heritage. Dedicate an entire week by sporting an Custom Irish Tee every day!


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