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Some of The Best Adult Realistic Superhero Costumes!

Updated on September 7, 2018
rabbit75 profile image

Avid comic collector & fan for nearly twenty years, Vic started collecting comics around eight years old. Comic investing since the 2000s.

Halloween's coming up soon, and even though these realistic superhero costumes are great for that particular celebration of ghouls and things that go bump in the night, they are also great for those who love cosplay as well.

Actually, I've seen a few people who have worn these costumes already at a few comic conventions as well as past Halloweens, and they're just amazing. The one's I've seen even look better than the picture, but that can also depend on who's wearing them also.

These aren't homemade cosplay costumes, however. Quite a few homemade cosplay costumes are even more cooler than some of these you're about to see.

Yeah, some superhero costumes out there are pretty lame, but some are just plain awesome! So what do I mean by realistic superhero costumes? Well, they are those costumes that look superbly realistic or are real to the look of the comic book character at very least.

Here's my list of the best superhero costumes I've seen so far. Enjoy!

Special Collectors Edition Batman Adult Costume

One of the supreme Batman costumes out there! This special collector's edition Batman costume takes its look directly from the DC comic books, which is why I think it's definitely my favorite superhero costume from the Batman genre to date!

It also happens to be one of the most expensive, and almost costs a grand. Is it worth it? Well, it's not worth it if you're planning on wearing it for just Halloween. If you're big into cosplay and hit up every comic convention you can then, yes, it's worth it if you're a huge Batman fanatic.

The Dark Knight Grand Heritage Collection Costume

Based off the Bat-suit from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, arguably the best superhero movie ever, this costume is another one of the best and most realistic superhero costumes I've seen out there. Grand Heritage always does good on the look of their costumes.

I actually saw someone wearing this costume two Halloweens ago, and it was even more impressive up close than in the pictures. Really amazing, and really expensive! Not as expensive as the special collectors edition Batman costume, but it's up there!

Catwoman Dark Knight Rises Grand Heritage Costume

Brand new, this realistic rendition of Anne Hathaway's sultry Catwoman costume from this years mega hit The Dark Knight Rises is definitely one of the sexiest Catwoman costumes to date. With the right curves this costume will look stunningly purrfect for cosplay and Halloween.

Even though this is one of the coolest Catwoman costumes, I highly doubt too many people will be dressed in this 2012 Catwoman costume. It is quite pricey, but then again, it is an exceptionally cool looking costume for any comic geek occasion.

Batman & Robin Collectors Edition Robin Costume

I'm not a huge Robin fan, nor the movie Batman & Robin, in which Chris O'Donnell played Batman's famous sidekick. However, I do have to admit that this particular collector's edition costume is pretty cool and realistic looking.

It's a serious looking costume at a serious price as well. I have seen this particular get up at the Wondercon in 2011, and it was super cool.

Batman & Robin Collectors Edition Batgirl Costume

Also based on the Batman & Robin movie is this collector's edition Batgirl costume. It's an ultra cool and sexy outfit that can rival Alicia Silverstone's costume in the movie.

I actually saw this costume also at the Wondercon in 2011 and the wonderful cosplay fanatic wore the Batgirl costume better than Alicia Silverstone. Sleek and sexy, this is one of the best Batgirl costumes even if it's based off the movie and a bit off from the characters look in the comic book.

Iron Man 2 Movie Mark 6 Super Deluxe Adult Costume

This costume based off the Iron Man 2 movie Mark 6 suit, is absolutely my favorite costume of all time from the superhero genre. It's so realistic looking and ultra cool. Well, at least, from the photos of it.

However, this costume's awesomeness really depends on who's wearing it. The jumpsuit has to fit just right or it will really look lame. Another lame thing is that this costume only comes in X-Large only. So for the skinny guys...probably not a good costume to get if you have a thin frame.

The Avengers Movie Black Widow Elite Adult Costume

This year saw the blockbuster The Avengers movie rule the box office, and there's no doubt that Scarlett Johansson and her role as the Black Widow was one of the sexiest Marvel female superheroes to hit the screen this year.

Not surprisingly, this elite Avengers Black Widow costume would be ready for this Halloween, and it is a very, very cool looking costume. I expect to see this costume next year at a few comic cons, but I highly doubt I'll see a lot of gorgeous ladies wearing this outfit.

Well, unless, of course, if they have comic geek fan boy, boyfriends like me and they happen to dress up as Hawkeye or Iron Man. My girl did dress up as Wonder Woman one Halloween, even though I was the Spirit and everyone thought I was Zorro.

© 2012 Vic


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    • rabbit75 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I know what you're saying Geekdom...they really are cool looking, but they're really pricey. They would only be worth the money if you plan to dress up in that costume every year for Halloween, cosplay, comic conventions, etc.

      Crafting your own costume is also an option...sometimes that can be just as expensive if you factor in the time to make it, but it's fun. Actually, both are just plain fun.

      Thanks for joining the convo. Glad to hear from ya!

    • Geekdom profile image


      7 years ago

      It is crazy how complex and expensive these costumes can get.

      Part of the fun on Halloween for me was creating my own costume. Who am I kidding? It still is.

    • rabbit75 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Heya Michele Travis, that sounds awesome your daughter is making her own costume of South Park's Stan and having a great time doing it.

      The costumes on this hub are factory made, but dressing up as your favorite character or superhero is always fun. I hope you and yours have a fun and safe Halloween this year and thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 

      7 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Thanks for writing this hub. My daughter is 16 and will be 17 when Halloween comes. She is working on her costume now. She has done a very good job, but her favorite show is 'South Park' She created a costume so she can be Stan. She has the coat, the hat. Oh, well at least she is having fun.


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