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The Best Christmas Rubber Stamps

Updated on July 26, 2014

Use Christmas Stamps for a Personal Touch

It's that time of year again where people are looking forward to the Holidays. Many people enjoy getting into the season by adding personal touches to cards, gift bags and scrapbooks. A good lasting way to add to your decorating would be in the form of Christmas rubber stamps. They are the perfect addition to any decorating kit. Some are small for tags and others are larger for adding on cards. The larger ones can be colored in or you can add glitter to them. There are so many choices when it comes to rubber stamps that it could be difficult to choose one. It is necessary to know which ones suit what needs you have for them. Here are a few of the most popular ones to help you in making your decision.

Hero Stamp Set

Coming in a tube, there are 18 Christmas rubber stamps on wood blocks. they contain cute holiday pictures such as snowmen, ornaments and others. It is a perfect little set for creating tags, cards and other Christmas crafts. They are made with good quality rubber that leaves a lasting impression in ink. Easy to clean and to store, they do not take much room or are difficult to maintain. They are quite small, so if you're hoping for larger prints, these may not be for you. However, these stamps are perfectly used on smaller things for decorations. These stamps come highly rated at 4.5 stars, making them a great choice for your holiday decorating.

20 Piece Wood Rubber Stamps

These beautiful Christmas rubber stamps are well rated at four stars, making them a good choice. There are a large variety of beautifully wood mounted rubber stamps. They are great for teachers, arts and crafts as well as for children. They can be used on cards, gifts bags or tags and make a good addition to any child's holiday pictures.

The only issue is that when you stamp, you must stamp lightly and gently so that the picture is clear. They are not large stamps but are perfect for decorating cards and using a variety in one picture. They are priced really well making them easy on any wallet. A very cute little stamp set that can be used for creating the perfect holiday designs.

Inkadinkado Holly Wood Stamp

This is only one rubber stamp however, it is a beautiful picture that can add a lovely personal touch to any holiday decorating. The stamp is made of good quality wood that has the rubber stamp mounted on it. It is very easy to clean and very durable so that it may last for many years. It is great for the back of card envelops and for adding a personal holiday greeting to letters.

Rated at five stars this is a single stamp that is priced very well. The stamp is Merry Christmas surrounded in festive holly. It is elegant and has a beautiful script. It is perfect for adding a lasting personal message to all your holiday decorating.

Martha Stewart Stamp Set

A lovely collection of various sized stamps, this set is perfect for any decorating. There are stamps with pictures and scripts as well as borders that make it possible to create an elegant Christmas scene. This rubber stamp set is a little bit expensive but the quality is worth the price. It is rated very highly at five stars and is made of very good quality rubber and mounted on Scandinavian wood. This is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to create beautiful scenes that replicate the holidays well.

Inkadinkado Snowman Stamp

A beautifully festive Christmas stamp that is of good quality. It is simply one stamp of a decorated snowman that is perfect for decorating cards or any Christmas scene. Of the Christmas rubber stamps, this one has a good print that makes it easy to add colour or glitter to make it more striking. This rubber stamp is mounted on a solid wood and is easy to clean. It is rated at five stars and is a great choice for anyone wanting to personalize their holiday stamp. It is priced well for any wallet, however it is only one stamp. It does suit the needs of wanting some festivity to pictures and is a wonderful choice.

Picking the Christmas Stamp you Want

Wanting to add a personal touch to your Christmas decorating in the form of Christmas rubber stamps can be daunting when assaulted with so many choices. Being able to find the ones that suit your needs can be made easy when you narrow down your choices. Choosing the perfect stamps will depend on what your needs are. Christmas rubber stamps are durable and last a long time when taken care of. A great way to be able to decorate with small personal touches year after year.


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