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A Special Birthday

Updated on March 14, 2015
My Most Beautiful Wife
My Most Beautiful Wife

Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

I had wanted that day to be best day of her life. Saturday, August 1, 2009 would go by way too fast, but will be remembered forever. August 1st is my wife’s birthday. I will not divulge the number she celebrated, I am not that dumb and I do like living at home. Past birthdays have always been nice and have always been remembered by our family. She is always so thoughtful of others, that on her day, it’s hard not to want to do or give anything that can make her happy.

Today, she was definitely happy and it had little to do with me. Our three wonderful children made her day a very special and memorable one. There were nice gifts and funny cards. There were snacks to nibble on, we sang “Happy Birthday” and there was the blowing out of candles…Do NOT ask me how many !

There was cake and ice cream too. Still, today was special because the best gift she received was one that she cherishes the most…time. Not like you get from a clock or a watch, but time with her whole family. What a concept. All day she had time with me, her children and her grandchildren.

How Her Day Began

Today started with my better half finally indulging herself with a haircut, long overdue. That haircut was ignored by her for too long. Why? Because I have been unemployed for almost one year, except for a low paying part time job that lasted only 8 months. Bills are piling up and expenses have been cut to the bone, but her shiny, beautiful hair still grows and she finally made an appointment after some persistent nagging from me. So, before we go, our youngest son, going to college and living at home, made sure he was up and teased her unmercifully about getting old. After they shared a few laughs and engaged in a battle of wits, the salon visit was next. She had an early morning appointment and received a fabulous looking haircut from no less than the owner of the salon. Then, newly groomed and anxious for her day to begin, we start out for the zoo.

Now that may sound pretty bland and unoriginal, but this was no ordinary zoo. This was the zoo that we'd meet up with our daughter and two grandchildren zoo. I have never seen the look on my wife’s face as the one I see when our grand-kids are with us. We have a 2 ½ year old grand-daughter and a 3 month old grand-son.** We spent a beautiful, warm, sunny day with them at the zoo. My wife’s eyes were ablaze with pride and joy. Her smile was reminiscent of two strings of white shiny pearls that just cannot be ignored. Those next few hours went by too fast. My wife and daughter were talking all day long. They have formed a close relationship and I couldn’t be more proud of them both. My wife was just floating on a cloud.

Then,it was back home for a quick freshen-up session and a discovery of a closet and bathroom full of balloons, courtesy of our live at home, college going, smart-alek son. Predictable laughter from them both and some more good natured kidding led to even a bigger smile on my wife’s face.

** Our grand kids are now 8 and 6 years old!


Thanks for the Memories

Then we went back to our daughter’s home. There was pleasant conversation, the giving of thoughtful, needed and purposeful gifts. Snacks were munched on and candles were waiting to be blown out. A game of corn hole was played. Tea and water crossed our lips. Conversations went on non stop. Both of our sons and son-in-law engaged in some back yard, one on one football. They were taking turns being quarterback, receiver and corner-back. Just for a moment, I missed my youth. I still could see myself throwing the pigskin to my two young sons. So long ago.Then we all went in, shared some more gab before heading for home.

I share all of this because I could not keep it to myself. My wife had the best day of her life because our three kids, son-in-law, daughter-in-law and grand kids devoting their day to my wife. They gave of themselves and their time. What better way to honor someone but by devoting that whole day to one person. My wife had said to me she hates being the center of attention because it makes it feel uneasy. You could have fooled me. I think she loved every fleeting second of it.


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    • Ultimate Hubber profile image

      Ultimate Hubber 8 years ago



      Its nice to read that she had the best day in her life and the kids devoted their day to her.