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The Best Gifts for a Horse Rider

Updated on December 31, 2014

It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, a birthday or any other occasion; you certainly would like to give the perfect gift to a friend or family who loves horse riding. If you think it’s hard to shop for a gift for a friend that are into horses, think again. I’m here to help!

Check out some of my suggestions on the best gifts for a horse rider.

1. Rider Helmet

If you’re a friend then you value the safety of your buddy. What else you should protect first but the head, right? There are classic looking helmets and there are also derby or jockey helmets for the serious riders. When buying one, choose a helmet that at least meets the safety standards in your country.

2. Body Protector

Think of it as a bulletproof vest worn by the police. A well-designed body protector can help prevent serious injuries during an accident like falling from the horse. Choose one that is lightweight and flexible. It also helps if its material is breathable so your friend will feel comfortable wearing it.

3. Jodhpurs or Breeches

Jodhpurs and breeches are horse riding pants your friend will surely want. Riding a horse calls for the right attire, not just for the rider to look fashionable but also for his or her safety. It will help prevent scratches and minor injuries. When buying a pair of pants, choose one that easily hugs or shapes the waist so it will allow the rider to freely move. It also helps if the fabric is breathable for added comfort.

4. Jacket

Your friend might also like to ride when it’s very cold outside. He or she will truly appreciate it if you give a high quality jacket as a gift. Aside from knowing which color your friend likes, choose a jacket with down or feather filling for the ultimate in climate-control.

5. Gloves

It may be a small item but a pair of gloves are indispensable to a hardcore rider. It keeps the hands safe from minor cuts and bruises as well as keeps it warm during winter. There are also fingerless gloves should your friend prefer it.

6. Boots

A horse rider’s attire isn’t complete without a pair of sturdy boots. For the best in safety, give your friend a pair of tall boots. Choose boots that are guaranteed stirrup-friendly and waterproof. Of course your friend would certainly love it if it’s made of leather.

7. Horse Gear and Accessories

Lastly, give something that your friend’s horse can use. You can purchase a new bridle or some warm travel boots. Yes, even horses wear boots! Want something fancy? How about a massage pad? It helps reduce stiffness and keeps the horse relaxed. There are so many horse equipment and supplies you can choose from for your friend.

Start shopping!

I’m pretty sure I was able to give you a really good idea on what to give your horse-loving and riding friend. So drop by a horse supplies store today and start shopping.


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