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A List of the Best Hello Kitty Gifts for Adults and Teens

Updated on January 26, 2016

Do you know an adult or teen that absolutely loves Hello Kitty? Hello Kitty gifts are easy to find - these days, you can buy pretty much anything adorned with that cute Sanrio kitty.

Tired of giving your niece, daughter, or girlfriend typical Hello Kitty gifts like notebooks, pencils, and stickers? Maybe you just wish you could find some better Hello Kitty stuff for yourself. Hey, nothing wrong with that!

There's a whole world of Hello Kitty merchandise out there, so don't limit yourself. If my sister is nice to me, I'll buy some of the things listed below for her next birthday- just not the Swarovski laptop, because that's a bit out of my budget.

Keep reading for some of the best Hello Kitty gift ideas for adults and teens, from laptops to slippers.

Hello Kitty Laptop

This Swarovski Hello Kitty laptop is definitely the ultimate Hello Kitty gift; however, it's hard to find. While the company hopes to launch it in the US soon, it's currently only available in Japan, through NEC Direct. The laptop, which is covered in 299 Swarovski crystals, has an AMD Mobile Sempron 3400++ processor with a speed of 1.4 GHZ, a 100GB hard drive, and 1GB of RAM. The battery life is 2 hours, and the price is about $1650.

You can also find the laptop on Ebay, but prices are usually significantly higher there.

Hello Kitty Wireless Keyboard

Can't find - or afford - the Hello Kitty laptop? That's okay, neither can I. Luckily, there are other computer-related Hello Kitty gift ideas. Any Hello Kitty fan will love a pink Hello Kitty keyboard like this adorable wireless keyboard.

Typing on a laptop can make your shoulders and neck ache. You can prevent that problem by installing this wireless keyboard on your laptop or desktop.

The Hello Kitty keyboard has a pink background with multiple light-colored text that reads "Hello Kitty" scrawled across the top, bottom, and sides. The letter and number keys are black, but the special-function keys at the top are white.

This Hello Kitty keyboard is also available in black, and the black version is typically a few bucks cheaper than the pink keyboard. This keyboard ships free via Amazon Prime, so you can have it in as little as 2 days.

Hello Kitty Mouse

Looking for a Hello Kitty gift to go with your Hello Kitty keyboard? Consider a Hello Kitty mouse. Amazon often has them for $10 or less.

This is a corded Hello Kitty mouse. Keep that in mind if you prefer a wireless device.

It's a plug-and-play mouse, which basically means you can use it as soon as you plug it into a compatible device.

The mouse's scroll button is sandwiched between the right and left buttons of the mouse, all of which are hidden in Hello Kitty's fashionable pink headband.

Hello Kitty Mouse Pad

Why stop with the Hello Kitty mouse and keyboard? Hello Kitty can also be found on mouse pads. See, I told you she was everywhere.

Effortlessly maneuver your mouse across this thick Hello Kitty mouse pad as you tackle Algebra homework or draft an impressive cover letter for that job you've been dying to apply for. This single-sided mouse pad is carefully crafted from resilient rubber and durable cloth, so you can count on it to survive tons of long shifts as you navigate the Web for research or leisure.

Hello Kitty Laptop Sleeve

No laptop is complete without an awesome Hello Kitty laptop sleeve. Besides, everybody knows it's more fun to do homework when your laptop looks cute.

This laptop sleeve typically costs between $8 and $16, which is definitely a bargain when you consider its quality craftsmanship and super cute Hello Kitty graphic. It fits numerous brands of laptops with screens that measure up to 15.6 inches, including Apple, ASUS, and HP.

A zippered pull secures this neoprene Hello Kitty laptop sleeve snugly around your computer, protecting it from the elements as you transport it to work or school.

Hello Kitty Toaster

Why have regular toast for breakfast when you can have Hello Kitty toast? This toaster would make a great gift for a college student or adult Hello Kitty fan. It is also a nice investment for parents with picky children; as a mom, I can tell you that most kids think food tastes better if it features their favorite character.

If toast isn't your thing, you can also stick bagels, waffles, and Pop-Tarts inside of this toaster. The Hello Kitty design shows up best on white toast, but feel free to toast whatever you can safely fit in there.

Important: This Hello Kitty toaster is NOT a toy designed for play kitchens. It's an actual toaster with various settings and an electrical cord.

Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

Making grilled cheese on a griddle or in the frying pan is boring. Making it in this supercool Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker is fun. It also works well for making paninis. This is a great gift idea for Hello Kitty lovers who enjoy cooking.

The same seller also offers a Hello Kitty rice cooker, Hello Kitty slow cooker, and Hello Kitty grill.

Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

Thirsty? Pour yourself a glass of Hello Kitty water. This water dispenser holds 8 servings of water, juice, or whatever other liquid you enjoy. You could also fill it with margarita mix and have an adult Hello Kitty party, but only if you're of legal drinking age.

Not a fan of cold beverages? Add the Hello Kitty coffee maker to your collection. Don't forget to pour your steaming hot beverage into an adorable Hello Kitty mug.

Hello Kitty Slippers

After a long day of work or school, it's nice to slip on a comfy pair of slippers and relax. These Hello Kitty slippers would make a great gift for that overworked or overwhelmed individual in your life.

This plush slippers have a non-slip sole, so you can trek across your vinyl, linoleum, or hardwood floors with no worries. Complete the look with a pair of Hello Kitty pajamas or a Hello Kitty robe.

Which Hello Kitty gift would you be happiest about receiving?

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    • onefineday profile image

      onefineday 4 years ago

      These are some great ideas. I really like that you showed items in different price ranges. I've been trying to brainstorm Christmas gifts for next year and this gave me a few ideas!

    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

      I disagree, Lora. I think the Hello Kitty toaster is adorable.

    • profile image

      lora 6 years ago

      this is the stupiest idea ever a hello kitty toaster really

    • Sunnyglitter profile image

      Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

      Thanks for the comments, guys. I hope you all found a few nice Hello Kitty gifts while you were here. :)

    • profile image

      misscuttiekitty_aira_005 7 years ago

      supper cute talaga ni hello kitty ksing cute ko

    • FirstCommunion profile image

      FirstCommunion 7 years ago from US

      My daughter's favorite cartoon character.

    • profile image

      Michelle 7 years ago

      Another option you missed is Hello Kitty jewelery. There is a line at Zales and on the Sanrio website. I got a diamond Hello Kitty necklace this year, and I loved it!

    • schoolmarm profile image

      schoolmarm 7 years ago from Florida

      How adorable these gifts are. I just received a Hello Kitty case for my cell phone for Christmas! Nice hub!