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The Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve

Updated on December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve - A Celebration

People all over the world celebrate in style when welcoming the New Year. For many it is the start of a new life, changes and goals and for some it is to forget the past experiences and move forward making new ones.

The resolutions and the aspirations of a bright and new year with success, happiness and blessings are wished to everyone and for many, the biggest part of ending the year is to celebrate with a party that will be remembered forever.

The millenium brought people together to celebrate the end of the world as we knew it and look.....we are all still here!

The 21st century has brought us many new inventions, technological advancements and changes in the environment.... to mention a few but to celebrate going into the New year has never been done as good as the ones that are listed here.

Take a look at the best new year's eve celebrations from around the world and if you haven't been to experience one of these, perhaps it could be added to your goals for the new year.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Waterford crystals and LED lights cover the heavy ball in Times Square
Waterford crystals and LED lights cover the heavy ball in Times Square
New Year's eve celebrations in New Yorks Times Square has been a tradition since 1907
New Year's eve celebrations in New Yorks Times Square has been a tradition since 1907

Times Square - New York

Our first New Year's eve party takes us to Times Square in New York, U.S.A where, since 1907 a sparkly sphere drops at a minute to midnight. An 11875 pound, 12 feet wide, 33 000 LED covered ball with waterford crystals drops 70 feet before confetti is dropped to the ground to bring in the New Year.

It has been an ongoing tradition where celebrity artists perform and the original host was Dick Clarke, who welcomed everyone into the new year.

People arrive to 42nd Street through to 47th Street from 2pm where they stay until after midnight just to watch the countdown and the ball drop. It is freezing but a wonderful atmosphere surrounds the ball where people scream and cheer celebrating the new beginning.

In 1907 the New York Times opened their headquarters and thre a huge party to celebrate the opening of their building in Times Square, New York. The first subway line was also opened in the same year.

This was so successful that for the following two years they used fireworks to bring in the new year but it was banned after that as they thought skyscrapers and fireworks were not a good idea. The fireworks were replaced by a giant wooden ball which was later replaced by what they use now, the crystal ball. Over one million people come to Times Square and over a billion watch the countdown on television.

Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro

One of the biggest and best parties to go to would be in Rio de Janeiro. They are known for their famous carnival in February but at the Copacabana Beach, New Year's eve celebrations are just as colourful, vibrant and energetic.

The festivities start at 8pm and there is live entertainment with music from traditional Brazilian to rock and roll.

Over 2 million people travel to Rio to join in the festivities and party themselves into the new year with music, dancing and fireworks displays.

The entire Copacabana beach is full of energy and activities to see you celebrating in style.

Barges offshore set off a massive fireworks display at midnight and it lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes.

All Brazilians celebrate new years wearing white to bring them luck for the new year. Some wear red for love, yellow for success and green for health but if you are caught wearing black you are doomed for the next year.

As a tribute to the Goddess of the seas, many locals bring flowers to the shore and toss them into the sea and champagne is a good luck charm to the locals and you are welcome to bring some with you.

After the celebration many people head on over to the clubs or restaurants that are open for you to continue through to the New Year as traffic is crazy.

A must do experience which will keep you festive from 8pm until sunrise!

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro on New Year's eve.
Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro on New Year's eve.

Where is Your Favourite New Year's eve Party?

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Happy New Year! Celebrate life!
Happy New Year! Celebrate life!

New Year's Eve at Home

The best choice for many is to celebrate at home with friends and family, where they watch the countdown on television and dance the night away. For many it is a good option to avoid dribking and driving and spending money on the overpriced New year's parties.

There are people that hate anything about Nw Year's eve and continue on to the New year as a normal day without celebrations of any kind.

For me, it is about learning from yesterday, forgetting the bad and starting a brand new year, where you can set yourself new goals and ambitions, live better than you did the previous year and move forward into the new year with an idea of happiness. How you spend your new year's eve is how you will spend the new year, so be careful of what you choose to do.

Celebrate the fact that you have made it to a brand new year, that you have survived the past year and celebrate the people that have guided you through!

Orlando, Florida for New Year's eve
Orlando, Florida for New Year's eve

Orlando, Florida

Disney's magical kingsom comes to life with a Jingle Jungle Parade, Epcot puts on a light and laser show and MGM Studio's Osborne Family Spectacle consists of dancing lights where fake snow begins to fall as thousands of lights begin to twinkle among angels and spinning carousels.

If you love Disney and are wanting to share the experience with your children then Orlando is the place to do it.

Sydney, Australia on New Year's Eve
Sydney, Australia on New Year's Eve

Sydney, Australia

The world's largest fireworks display is in Sydney, Australia. Australia is the first country to celebrate New Year's and they have barges along a 3 mile expanse of water where over 30 000 pyrotechnic effects take place for 12 minutes where the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a main attraction. The boats are illuminated and glide along the waterfront for a late night parade.

Big Ben in London lights up on New Year's eve
Big Ben in London lights up on New Year's eve
The London Eye on New Year's Eve
The London Eye on New Year's Eve

Trafalgar Square, London, England

Trafalgar Square in London have big screen televisions for those to watch the festivities that are all along the Thames River. The London eye, a gigantic Ferris wheel draws thousands of people for a spin, where the fireworks display is launched from.

The entire city is lit up somewhere along the Thames and people from all over the world celebrate until all hours of the morning.

People congregate from all over London to watch the display and wait for the New Year's day parade.

sledding, river jumps, dancing and fireworks on New year's eve in Edinburgh
sledding, river jumps, dancing and fireworks on New year's eve in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

This celebration is called the "End of the World" celebration and people crowd the streets of Edinburgh to celebrate the "Hogmanay" which means the last day of the year.

World renowned musical acts take the stage all over the streets and traditional dancing illuminates the atmosphere.

Visitors and locals go up to the top of Carlton Hill to watch the fireworks display at midnight and party through the the following day where they can do the One o' clock run down the Royal Mile, freeze by diving into the river or take part in the dog sledding competition after the charity event called the Looney Docks Parade.

Watch the Eiffel Tower come to Life on new year's eve
Watch the Eiffel Tower come to Life on new year's eve

Paris, France

The Champs - Elysees is where it all happens on New Year's eve in Paris. You can go to a cabaret at the Moulin Rouge or take a dinner cruise along the Seine but watching the streets light up towards the Eiffel Tower is the highlight in Paris. The romance and the vibrant streets are alive with lighting, dancing and music to bring you in to the new year.


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