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The Best Scary Songs For Halloween: Top Spooky Mood Music For Parties, Haunted Houses, And More

Updated on September 29, 2012

Creating a sufficiently scary Halloween for yourself and your friends takes work. You can't just dim the lights on October 31st and hope you'll wake up in a spooky mood! One of the best ways to add a little flair to your Halloween evening is by choosing the right music. A soundtrack that invokes a sense of fear and the spirit of the holiday can make all the difference between a bland All Hallow's Eve and a boring night.

But what music to choose? Something legitimately scary that sends shivers up your spine? Some dark rock and roll that evokes the spirits of ghosts, goblins, and murderers? Maybe something a little more on the nose: songs that literally mention Halloween.

Read on to find some great examples of top notch scary songs for Halloween sure to be hit at any party or event.


Also consider music from the Silent Hill soundtrack

Halloween Mood Music

Sometimes all the Halloween music you need is one that creates an atmosphere of fear. There are plenty of instrumental songs that are designed specifically to off put the listener and create a scary mood. These songs are perfect for playing when you're hosting trick-or-treaters, leading neighbors and friends through a haunted house, or enjoying spooky Halloween themed activities like seances or murder mysteries.

Blast them loud out the front of your home so the whole neighborhood can hear them or play them low in the background of your own home so they slowly infect the mind's of those you've invited in without being immediately obvious. Either way, you'll be sure to set people up for a good scare.

  • Tubular Bells - AKA: The Theme Song from The Exorcist. This is a purposely intense and off-putting song that uses unusual instruments sure to cause the average listener pause. The fast-pace doesn't let listeners relax and the haunting, otherworldly melody will fill your guests with a sense of unease that they might not be able to shake.
  • Dimensions of Time and Silence- Penderecki has a library filled with nightmare music. If you want scary Halloween mood music, don't look much further than this macabre artist. If you want to create an air of malevolence and danger, you can't do much better than this unnerving tune.
  • The Halloween Theme - We know what this is. We know why it's scary. Play this scary theme when you want your listeners to think they're in mortal danger.
  • Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - You know it as "That song Dracula plays on the organ." This Halloween song is perfect for letting you know things are meant to be a little spooky without too much effort.

Halloween Rock Music

Sometimes you want your Halloween to be a bit more lively. Here are some spooky, Halloween-accessible rock songs which fit the Holiday but won't bring the mood of your party down too far.

  • Burn the Witch by Queens of the Stone Age - The prominent bassline mixed with alternately creepy lyrics and occasionally guttural, hellish vocals make this QotSA song great to dance to and also a great creepy Halloween rock song.
  • Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper - You can't really go wrong with Alice Cooper on Halloween. He might be relatively tame but he's got plenty of songs about monsters, ghosts, and night terrors. This low key, melancholy song is certainly a product of its time but it will fit in great with your horror mix.
  • Possum Kingdom by The Toadies - Without a doubt, the best 90s Alt song about vampires ever written. Relatively upbeat, it is fun to listen to and fits a party atmosphere. The refrain of "Do you wanna die?" alongside with the subject matter make this a great song for a Halloween themed party.
  • Thriller by Michael Jackson - I mean, come on. You're going to play it. We all know that. Moving on.
  • Scary Monsters by David Bowie - Monsters are scary. He's got it right. It is a fun song that isn't in regular rotation on the radio by a big name. A great, original choice for your Halloween party.
  • Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads - Iconic, a little bit spooky, and right on topic for a Halloween party? Don't leave it off your scary Halloween rock mix. Try the live version for a nice change-up.

And of course don't forget artists who live and breathe the horror genre. Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, and Cannibal Corpse are all great choices. Make sure you've got guests who are in the mood for more explicit content though: they're not for everyone!

Keep in mind some people prefer something a little lighter, so keep some copies of Monster Mash and Purple People Eater on standby, especially if you might be hosting kids.


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