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The Best Thanksgiving Pies

Updated on November 4, 2010

Make sure you make room for pie this coming Thanksgiving dinner ! Pie is a traditional dessert that can be the real highlight of your Turkey day display of favorite comfort foods. You have a plethora of favorite pies to choose from in order to make your family and friends all thankful for being among your fortunate guests. If you have enough time on hand and the right ingredients, you can make some of the favorite ones so all your guests can be happy.

The Best Pies for Thanksgiving

Following are some traditional pies you cannot imagine Thanksgiving without them and some not so traditional ones to make your Thanksgiving unique. To each your own. Make sure to bake the pies right when your family and friends are finishing up on their meal so the sweet smell will spread the holiday spirit in your home.

• Apple Pie

Nothing can be said “as American as apple pie''. This is why apple pies are one of the most popular pies featured at Thanksgiving dinners and other patriotic holidays. Make sure your apple pie has a dash of cinnamon for a warm, spicy touch and that you choose one of the best brands of crust out there. Serve your apple pie with a nice dollop of whipped cream or ice cream for those who like a fancy dessert.

• Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is often looked forwarded to as a scrumptious end of a great Thanksgiving dinner. Make sure your pumpkin pie has the right blend of spices and that you have whipped cream or Cool whip on hand for those looking for a fancy touch. Historically, pumpkin was given as a gift by Native Americans towards the first settlers along with instructions on how to cook it.  Pumpkin pie  was therefore developed about 50 years after the first Thanksgiving in America.

• Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is a traditional pie featured for Thanksgiving in many families. There are not many pies out there that match the combination of  crunchy nutty pecans with the gooey sweetness of corn syrup and brown syrup. For an interesting medley of flavors, try to add a splash of bourbon and a dash of nutmeg.

• Sweet Potato Pie

With the nice colorful hues representing full fall season, sweet potato pies make a great dish for Thanksgiving. While making sweet potatoes, make sure to leave some aside to make a remarkable sweet potato pie. Boil them, mash them and then make a pie adding some traditional spices like nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon.  Serve with softened marshmallows on the side.

• Cranberry Pie

For those that cannot have enough of cranberry for Thanksgiving, a cranberry pie may make a nice finishing touch. The sweet tartness and tangy flavor of cranberries is what makes this pie so special. There are different variants of this pie. Some make it with cream cheese, others add cherries, others add apples for a special touch.

No matter how much you stuff yourself with Thanksgiving dinner goodness, there must always be room for a sliver of your favorite pies. Make sure you get your taste buds ready for these pies, as Turkey day only comes around the corner once a year!


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      Errol Kane 7 years ago

      I became hungry just reading this Hub. I find this hub very useful and will use what was suggested.