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The Black Dahlia's Ghostly Return

Updated on October 25, 2015
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The Black Dahlia's face paints a story of melacholy and a frightful end.

Here is one possible scenario of the murder of Elizabeth Short.

On a wintery windy night in January 1947, a lonely and drunk woman walks down a lonely dark path to her car on the vacant lot on Norton Street in Los Angeles. There just past the midnite hours she encountered and met a man taking a night walk down the same lonely path on Norton. Both were dressed in outfits that told a story that they both had gone clubbing and wanted to walk off the alcohol.

When they approached each other Elizabeth Short, beautiful, outgoing, and an inspiring actress (The Black Dahlia) said "Hello" as was her custom of being outgoing and pleasant to everyone who crossed her path. The man who appeared to be a gentleman at first glance was Dr. George Hodel, who responded with a "hello" and asked if he could join Elizabeth Short on her walk to her car. Dr. George Hodel then asked The Back Dahlia, why she was out so late. It was not apparent at first because Dr. Hodel appeared harmless, concerned, and friendly to Elizabeth Short, The Back Dahlia.

As the pair walked Dr. George Hodel offered Elizabeth Short (The Back Dahlia) a drink at his home. Dr Hodel also told Elizabeth Short while bragging, that he had a beautiful estate in Hollywood next to some notorious and famous stars who lived nearby. Elizabeth Short (The Back Dahlia) agreed to have a nitecap with Dr. Hodel and accompanied Dr. Hodel to his estate in his car.

The small talk was about her aspirations to become a star and Dr. Hodel looked peculiarly at Elizabeth Short very strangely, and eyeballing her in a way that was very odd. Dr. Hodel told Elizabeth Short (The Black Dalia) that he would introduce her to stars who lived nearby as they became more friendly and within days of there getting together.

Days progressed and then one night the pair got drunk and became totally intoxicated that Elizabeth Short (The Back Dahlia) could hardly speak and she fumbled around clumsy as was expected from a very drunk woman. Then all of a sudden Elizabeth Short spilled her drink on Dr. Hodel and it spilled onto the floor and couch, just as suddenly, in a fitful rage Dr. Hodel grabbed Elizabeth by the throat and then through her to the floor and they began striking her, as they were fighting, he punched her she became more and more afraid, and begun screaming. Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) was fearful of what was happening to her.

The pair continued struggling and then out of nowhere Dr. Hodel pulled out a knife and began slashing at her. He screamed at her and told her "If you don't shut up and stop screaming I am going to cut your mouth off!" Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia), continued screaming and Dr. Hodel lunged at her and slashed at her face, whereby catching her on the corner of her mouth, and totally cutting her from her right ear and then back to the left ear. The Doctor then realized in his angry state, she was going to bleed to death in his house. The Doctor then became even more aggressive because he was a total clean freak. Dr. Hodel then continued by dragging Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) to the tub on the same floor getting blood all over.

Dr. Hodel then became weirder when he started to feel badly, but just as it suddenly turned to compassion it turned into something more sinister; Dr. Hodel did not recognize himself or his uncontrollable emotions and then just then he flipped and it became a more enjoyable experience while he was killing Elizabeth Short (The Back Dahlia).

It was the strangest emotion he had ever felt and just as uncontrollable Dr. Hodel felt as if he became someone else in that moment. Weird and strange feelings flooded the Doctor as he became more and more violent that he continued to slash and mutilate the body of Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia), so much so, that the doctor began to cut Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) in half while she was still alive and moaning during the violent attack.

Elizabeth Short (the Black Dahlia) could not scream because of the cut to her mouth, she screamed and moaned, in terror under her breath, as it was muffled in the blood coming from her face and mouth. Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) was so stunned and still so drunk that it numbed her shock of event, a shocking realization that had set in and her thoughts raced, "I am being murdered," and "I am being killed by this man," as she thought silently.

Dr. Hodel proceeded to drain every last drop of blood from her body with an intravenous tube, so that he would not get any more blood on the floor. Dr. Hodel wanted to get as much blood out and he was already violently more enraged because he wanted his home spotless.

So bloody and gruesome was the scene that some of her body parts were getting stiff and Dr. Hodel did not know what to do with them. He began carving out chunks and he wanted to fit her into something or to take her back to the same place where they met.

He decided to take her back to the place they met because it was a desolate and was huge lot with alot of weeds. Dr. Hodel thought he could cover up the crime and buried some of her internal organs and body parts in his dirt floor basement, where he first intended to bury her. Dr. Hodel buried some organs instead, because he realized it would form and develop an odor in his clean home. Dr. Hodel tried to recapture his emotions and re-thought of burying her body, he then decided what he was going to do. Dr. Hodel then washed the corpse of Elizabeth Short because it was cut in half and he wanted to make sure there was no more blood. As he washed it clean to he also wanted to remove all of the dirt he had covered it with in the basement and then took the body in his car to the same spot they met or where her car was parked.

Dumping her body, he thought I should make it look like rape or a sexual assault. It was so dark that he became aroused and ejaculated on her corpse. Leaving her gruesomely mutilated body in the lot. Dr. Hodel arranged her body in a way that looked or appeared to have been sexually assaulted. Re-thinking how he could get away with her murder.

On January 15, 1947 the grotesquely mutilated body of The Back Dahlia was discovered in the same lot of the 3800 block where her murder dumped her. (Actual photos at and LA newpapers).

On and every January since, an apparition appears in the halls and bathroom area of Dr. Hodel's Snowden Estate that sits in a beautiful lush area of Hollywood. During the night there are whispers that come from and in and around the appearance of the ghostly apparition and only a top half of a ghostly woman apparition appear walking down the halls of the late Dr. Hodel's estate. There are also unexplained noises and moans that also seem to be let out as faint cry or a moan as if someone is holding or interfering with her mouth.

Sixty six years have passed and the memory of a boy who often seen his father do curious things in Dr. Hodel's estate, and socialize with starlets who recanted a scene were he remembered the Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia's) beautiful face. He also may remember things he wants to forget about his father, Dr. Hodel.


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