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Are YOU a Bridezilla? Is the "Bride's Day-Her Way" Out of Hand?

Updated on October 6, 2015
Is this YOU? MY WAY or else?
Is this YOU? MY WAY or else?

The "Bride's Day, Her Way" Syndrome

I've been getting a lot of email lately about the "bride's day, her way" thing and the fact that it's gotten out of hand. How about the maid of honor, who did everything for her best friend: shower, bachlorette party, expensive gifts--everything this "bride's day--her way" wanted, a MOH who spent much time and effort, not to mention big bucks on her friend, only to receive a hand-made picture frame for a gift... This MOH was in shock and thought that her friend took terrible advantage of her. She said she was used...

Or how about the one I just received from a MOH, who was handed a guest list of 150 for a shower...

Or the wedding guests, who are left in the lurch for two+ hours, at the cocktail HOUR, while the bride and groom have their photos taken?

Or the wedding guest who wrote to tell me they spent a weekend traveling to a wedding, bought a nice gift, spent money on wedding attire, lodging, etc. only to be given a glass of punch and piece of cake at a "slam-bang" wedding reception...

The list goes on....

Everyone must feel warmed by your wedding...
Everyone must feel warmed by your wedding...

Weddings: What They're Supposed To Be...

Weddings are supposed to be warm, family and friend affairs. They showcase a solemn event in the life of a man and a woman, followed by a celebration. 

The wedding reception is the first party that the bride and groom host as husband and wife, and for that reason, they must be a gracious host and hostess. Gracious hosts consider the needs and comfort of their families and friends before their own. This is what makes for a great party and a great wedding reception!

Will you throw your family/friends under one of these?
Will you throw your family/friends under one of these?

The Bride's Day, Yes... But...

The wedding day is the bride's day but that doesn't mean she throws her family and friends under the bus to satisfy her own ends.

The wedding day is the bride's day, one where she should shine with generosity, goodwill, and graciousness! Let's get back to basics!!!

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