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The Christmas Season

Updated on December 19, 2015

Santa Claus and Rudoph the Reindeer

Christmas Theme
Christmas Theme | Source


"What is the meaning of Christmas?¨ Someone asked me.

"I´m not really sure, but I can give you a close approximation to the meaning of Christmas based on the most observed trend during this season, " I assured.

"Go ahead, I open to your point of view, " My friend exclaimed.

"Well, Christmas is derived from the anglosaxon culture who celebrate this holiday remembering Jesus Christ. This celebration has been passed over to other cultures who celebrate it in many varied ways; however, the main thing that pervades this celebration is the Christian spirit of unity and love."

"That is a close approximation of what I know on the subject, but there are other meanings and purposes behind the Christmas season. One of them is sales! Big companies put on advertisements of all kinds of products for the main purpose of incrementing their sales and is very common to see all kinds of advertisements in all kinds of media bombarding the market for the whole and even before the start of the Christmas season." I explained.

"I knew that already," My friend asserted.

"How are you going the celebrate Christmas?" He inquired.

"I will celebrate it like a regular person who can not afford much to spend, but would like to have some recess from the daily activities during the about to conclude year," I responded.

"I will probably go to some place for vacation, I still haven´t chosen the place, but it will be some close to my place," He said.

Many Gifts from where to Choose!


The Season of Excess (Christmas)

During this season is customary to see your favorite type of whatever you have dreamed of for a long time on TV or magazines as if the big companies had guessed what is on your mind. Not to say the internet. Once you click on something, there will be Google ads ads of that something everyday on your web browser.

Some people can afford for what they have been longing for a long time and will expend whatever they can to obtain them. Big and small businesses are able to profit during this season. Every person in the world is a good target for companies and almost every single person will end up buying something. There are those who will spend the minimum, but also those who will afford some excess when spending without affecting their pockets.

A Season to be United


Recess christmas

Many, including me, take this season as a time for recess and prefer to see the season pass by passively. We can spend a little but not more than what our pockets ca afford. So we have to be very careful because we, even though try to go passively, are also possible targets fo companies.

The Christmas season may seem to some of us as a great time to take a break from the daily day to day activities performed during the almost to end year. But of course there will be some spending so as not to remain in harmony with the Christmas season.

Days spent with the family and daily watching of our favorite TV prgrams, eating snaks and having talks with the members of our families is customary. Those who are Christian inlcined will make the necessary arrangements to attend church with their families or visit closed relatives. Every moment spent with people will be filled with the Christmas spirit.

Traveling on Christmas


Christmas Traveling

Christmas is also a great opportunity to spend some time away from the house. On this season, there are many offers and discounts for travelers to almost every destination. Many people have already made their plans to get away from home during the whole season. The destinations are varied, going from the closest nearby town to the most distant place on the palnet.

I personally may choose to go to the nearest town which is no more than a few km from my home, which compared to the city where I´m living presently, results very contrasting and interesting as if you were in a foreign country. I may even visit a town each day during a week travel trip. It all depends on the available expendable money in my pockets. I may also choose to stay in the city and tour the varied interesting places.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus
Santa Claus | Source

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is an yearly celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. This holiday is most commonly observed on the 24 and 25 of December as a religious and cultural celebration among almost every culture in the world, Christians and non.Christians.

The celebration of Christmas between different cultures may differ from culture to culture, but the central theme is Christ. In modern days, it is customary to exchange gifts and cards among family and friends. It is also very common to listen to Christmas songs and see all kinds of lightning in stores and places.

In houses is very common to see the Christmas tree even in places where conifer trees doesn´t exist. The trees and houses are decorated with Christmas decorations and scenes. Families often share meals that are characteristic of their culture, but a roasted turkey, cake, cookies and a hot drink will always be found in almost every culture. In the case of Mexico, buñuelos, tamales, pozole, romeritos and many more unimaginable dishes are served.

Santa Claus is the main figure in the minds of children, who is the one in charge of bringing alll kinds of gifts on Christmas day. In other cultures, such as Mexico, the Three Reyes Magos are the ones who bring gifts to children; however, Santa Claus is taking charge of that since about twenty or more years ago.

The economic activity increases during Christmas and is one of the most lucrative seasons for businesses around the world. Not every single person that I know have escaped to the tentation of buying or expending on products advertised on the market during this season..

So, this is Christmas and the most wonderful thing of this season is the Christmas spirit. If you have enemies or have been holding grudges, anger or resentment, profit from the Christmas spirit and forget your enemies.


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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 23 months ago from Mexico City

    Thanks for stopping by and reading this hub.

  • Reynold Jay profile image

    Reynold Jay 23 months ago from Saginaw, Michigan

    Nice HUB and Merry Christmas! Many thoughtful points are well taken.