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Consumerism And The Christmas Spirit, Best Christmas Ideas For Giving

Updated on April 5, 2012

The Christmas Spirit - Driven by Consumerism

Consumerism and the Christmas spirit; does it go together? So what are the best Christmas ideas? This we will discuss in the following article.

Christmas is a time for giving. We all know this. We rush around the shops like bees around a honey pot, forcing our hard earned cash on the poor shop assistants that serve us. We are driven by consumerism. We get stressed and find ourselves pushing and shoving to get that toy that little Jimmy has his heart set on.

This is significant of the Christmas Spirit, isn't it? STOP. We all understand that the Christmas message is about being kind and giving to our fellow man. We all know that giving is not just about ‘stuff’. This article will give you Christmas ideas that encompasses the true meaning of Christmas!

Christmas giving is just a token gesture idealised by the three wise men at the birth of Christ (which, incidentally didn’t even happen on the 25th December! Click here for more detail.).

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We are so consumed with consumerism that if we aren’t careful we will consume ourselves into an ever-decreasing whirl. All that stuff! All that responsibility, more like! Responsibility I hear you ask? Yes, of course!

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Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr
'Munch, munch, munch.. crunch, crunch crunch... more's not enough - GIVE ME MORE STUFF!'
'Munch, munch, munch.. crunch, crunch crunch... more's not enough - GIVE ME MORE STUFF!'

Consumerism: You are NOW Committed!

So now you have that little statuette that you’ve taken a shine to. At last, it is in your grubby sage and stuffing hold (well, you are up to your neck in turkey and potatoes!). Such a lovely thought from Auntie Flo this Christmas! This is where the trouble begins… You are now committed.

  1. Dust object twice a week
  2. “Don’t touch that, you’ll break it!” You say to little Jimmy as he shakes it to see if it actually did something worthwhile.
  3. Sit and admire how well it is manufactured whilst the turkey starts to smoulder – you’ve now gotten yourself too piffed to care!
  4. Nag the one you love – why hadn’t he/she thought of getting it for you?
  5. Make a decision to put it somewhere that might be appropriate – Auntie Flo will be chuffed to see it in pride of place. Damn! This starts some ill feeling because you have to move the other object for which it replaced to somewhere else. Now Dad is offended – he bought you that last year!
  6. Guard the object. You need to keep a watch on it or the cat might knock it over!

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What No Presents?  Just The Way I Like It!
What No Presents? Just The Way I Like It!
Computer gaming
Computer gaming

Christmas Consumerism: GUILTY!

Now say said object gets broken. What next? Auntie Flo is going frantic – she used all her pension to get this for you! You are now GUILTY of ALLOWING the object to get broken! Flo is dreadfully upset, so are you!

You really liked that statuette! Whoever the offender of said broken object gets severely reprimanded – poor cat is thrown out or little Jimmy is sent up to bed. MORE UPSET! Dad has a mood on because he is peeved with his present from last year being moved in the first place, so you move it back.

He is happier but says, “it doesn’t matter, and it’s only stuff!” You wish he had felt this when his present was moved from the said place of honour in the first place. Funny how attitudes can change!

What should you do next? Now you have to find the time to take the item somewhere for repair. You pack it up nicely – you don’t want any more breakages – then you take it to a shop. Unfortunately, you need a specialist! You thought the shop was a specialist but, of course, it isn’t that special! By this time, this lovely object of desire is starting to be a pain.

You are starting to loath its existence. It has caused nothing but worry and trouble – all you now want is RID of it. It dawns on you, that it wasn’t actually as lovely as you first thought, so in a fit of temper, you dump it. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Consumerism Comes In The Size Of A Soup Kitchen

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

Consumerism: Christmas Toys end up at LANDFILL!

Now, what I wanted to demonstrate here is the value of stuff. When people desire things, this comes with responsibility. This is whether it is a dress, toy or anything. Everything requires a level of looking after and work. What might be desired isn’t necessarily worthy of the time and expense involved. Luxury food, for example, only leads to calories that need to be burned off – more cross trainer please (which needs maintenance in itself)!

That fancy dress might need to have the time and energy in arranging for it to be dry-cleaned only to await a use for a special occasion in the cupboard. Arrh, but the moths might enjoy it! That toy jimmy wanted is broken, not only has it caused stress and upset, but adds to world pollution as it takes eons of years to biodegrade in landfill. Oh, it is plastic!

So Christmas is around the corner. You are about to spend a fortune on some more stuff – it is the season of goodwill, after all! I am not sure that it is goodwill to dump responsibility and stress on others with the giving of more stuff. Such a symbol of love can only be concluded as a curse. Why do this to the most important people in your life?

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Stuff: Consumerism & Materialism - Does It Really Have To Come To This?

Christmas Ideas: Give At Christmas!

Christmas is a time for giving. Christmas ideas for giving is a time not to give stuff, but to give of yourself. Christmas, therefore, is not about consumerism and giving of yourself is not about clambering over people to get that most prized item. It is giving the most precious gift of all… YOURSELF! Help others with actions.  Your life is precious. Your life is represented in TIME. Giving your time is a blessing to others. What do I suggest? The money you will use to buy people that present, don’t not do it. Ask people to donate their money that was intended as a gift for you – give to someone needy.

  • Someone who needs food on the table.
  • Someone who needs practical clothing.
  • Someone who needs a roof.

Make Christmas truly meaningful by GIVING YOURSELF and YOUR TIME not only for Christmas but the rest of the year.

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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    • shazwellyn profile image

      shazwellyn 7 years ago from Great Britain

      Good Guy... You are absolutely right! People will always try and 'burden' us with useless stuff. It is easier to do this than give of the precious gift of self.

      For your information... I am about to de-stuff in the next year - I have simply had enough of all the responsibility.

      Remember Titanic? Jack had freedom of movement because he just had a ruck sack... Rose was burdened by the amount of stuff she had (organising it, employing people to look after it etc) and the sterile relationships based of superficial falsehoods. I think I would rather be free than bound by the items.

      Just a thought x

    • Good Guy profile image

      Justin Choo 7 years ago from Malaysia


      Christmas has become so entrenched with commercialism and consumerism that it is no longer Christmas, but Giftmas! The only way is to introduce another day for "gift giving" and give Christmas its original true meaning and significance. But that will not solve the problem of accumulation of stuff that we don't need. Just to be cynical, people will not stop giving gifts during Christmas, no matter what you do to discourage it.