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The Commercialism of Christmas

Updated on December 25, 2013

Historical date

We all love celebrating! We especially love having a reason to gather with cherished family and friends. Christmas is one of the greatest ways to accomplish this, it is where we are encouraged really to put all our differences aside and come together over gift giving, sharing and food.

Yet this special day has been distorted and abused thus obscuring the real reason behind why it was even given a place on the annual calendar of events in human history.

The date was voted on by the church, even though we can probably disprove the correctness of it, it was selected effectively as a season not just a day, but to end our year with an event that heralded the birth of a savior.

A religious holiday! Sanctioned by the church, organized by the church and celebrated by Christians and others alike, because it is a day off from school, work and an opportunity to have a good time.

The memorable gift givers from folklore and christian church history were known for giving to the poor.

Only through commercialism was Christmas then extended to all, which included those who had no real need of anything.

Ever wonder and pose the question...

Why December 25th?

Why celebrate?

Why participate since it is pagan?

I am of the mindset that any opportunity to tell the story of Jesus' birth and the reason for it, is worth doing Christmas in all of it's glory.

Santa Claus for instance is a hodge podge of ideas that melded into one to reign supreme over the commercialism of Christmas.

The Christmas controversy

  • pagan
  • commercial
  • lavish
  • Jesus,
  • religious

Santa images
Santa images | Source

Recognizable figures

  • Santa Claus
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
  • Elves
  • Drummer boy
  • The Nutcracker
  • Mrs Claus

In most recent times we have polar bears.

What's interesting is each one of these more popular of the Christmas characters are a figment of someone's artistic, imaginative, interpretation of what and who should represent the Christmas story and season.

Santa for instance according to historical tidbits had his origin as an elf.

Yet the nativity scene has / is being banned, publicly.

Problem is the concept of Christmas is religious and Christian. The season is about the birth of the savior. A child born in the likeness of man to save mankind because of the love of God. I find it interesting how we through commercialism endeavor to destroy or eradicate the real reason behind events.

Why do we allow stories to be re written just because someone decides it is not for them. If you are so against it then you can choose not to participate! Instead of ruining it in your selfishness for others.

I agree you have a right to your beliefs and opinions, yet so do i!


Christmas berries
Christmas berries | Source
Christmas rose
Christmas rose | Source
Junkanoo | Source
Christmas candles
Christmas candles | Source
Flower arrangements
Flower arrangements | Source

What Christmas figure is based on a real person?

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Real person

Santa Claus or St Nicholas, St Nick, father Christmas is based off of a historical figure that lived in the human history. Indeed, he was a real man, a Greek bishop of the Christian church given to generosity. Known for giving gifts to the poor.

Saint Nicholas was a devout Christian, around the 4th century.

Saint Nicholas is highly recognized because of his giving yet the criteria for his giving did come with the economic condition of the recipient, one of poverty. For a long time in history, Christmas time was for those who had, to give, to those who did not have.

Through commercialism of course that has changed drastically, although i think more and more people try to reserve expensive items for the Christmas season, so the person receiving the item would be more appreciative.

Yet with the commercialism of Christmas the season of peace and joy we are more frustrated and rude. Harassed about purchasing the 'right' gift.

Pity is, since most of us lack nothing, that is an almost impossible and sometimes costly task. Eroding the real reason for giving.

Decorated fireplace
Decorated fireplace | Source

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a collection of ideas molded into one American or western version from all over the world and different cultures.

The American version is particularly based off of Saint Nicholas, a Greek Christian bishop, Sinterklaas, a Dutch or Germanic character associated with winter and Father Christmas, a British / English figure.

All of these figures were known as gift giving figures from church history and folklore.

Yet as the American character of Santa Claus emerged through the mind and caricatures of popular artists the Santa Claus of depiction now took root. His Christian connections faded as part of his popularity, replaced instead with his jolly demeanor and rotund belly.

Since Santa Claus is more a representation of the Christmas season, and generosity more and more races are embracing him as their own and making him more inclusive.

Most recognizable

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Holiday stories
Holiday Decor
Santa Claus
A Christmas Carol
Rudolf, red nosed reindeer
Twas the night before Christmas
Frosty the snowman
The Nutcracker
Drummer boy
The Little Match Girl
The nutcracker
Good King Wenceslas
Bible, birth in Bethlehem
Jesus, babe in manger
Christmas tree
Christmas tree | Source


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