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The Do’s and Don’ts of Halloween

Updated on October 25, 2014
Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins | Source

Picture these scenarios. It’s a week before Halloween and you’re stifling through invites and suggestion for this year’s Halloween celebration. You are not sure if you want to go the traditional route go to a party, go trick or treating or perhaps venture to the untraditional taboo route and do something totally unscripted. Such as hang out at a grave site or crime scene. Break into an abandoned warehouse or deserted forest area. Or perhaps it’s the big day: Halloween! You’re sitting around the house bored with little to nothing to do on Halloween. You go on the computer or receive a mysterious or not so mysterious text asking you to break into a haunted house or read out loud a cryptic ancient incantation or go on a creepy website. What are you to do? Or not do!!!! I present to you the do’s and don’ts of Halloween. These do’s and don’ts will provide unrealistic and realistic do’s and don’ts for your Halloween festivities. This is the guide on how to spend your Halloween.

Ouija board bad!!!
Ouija board bad!!! | Source


P.S. As an avid fan of horror movies these don’t are mostly inspired by horror movies. In no particular order of importance.

Don’t go to a haunted house (this applies to graveyards, crime scenes, abandoned factories, the forest/ woods, etc.). Especially when alone and at night. This is not a good idea.

Don’t let the black eyed children in! It’s a terrible idea. If you don’t know who the black eyed children are, I got a hub for you to check out! Again terrible idea

Don’t scream or make any identifying sounds that will lead the crazed masked killer to you. If you are pursued by a killer or paranormal freak try to hide and be as less obvious as possible.

Don’t try to conjure the devil. Or a demon, or a witch or a ghost (see the pattern).

Also don’t perform a spell or a ritual or a séance

Don’t use an Ouija board.

Don’t sell your soul or anyone’s soul. No amount is worth it

Closet is too obvious!!!
Closet is too obvious!!! | Source
Don't do it
Don't do it | Source

Don’ts (cont’d.)

Related to the internet don’t go on any creepy sites that are rumored to kill people. Bad Idea!

Don’t watch any tapes that says you going to die in three days. That does for books too!!!

Don’t taunt or make fun of the killer or freak of nature. They have feelings too!!! Be humble

Don’t shoot to injure! Do Shoot to Kill!! If you shoot or stab the killer or supernatural freak, make sure its dead (that may mean overkilling it). Better safe than sorry!!

Don’t open the door to someone you don’t know. Also don’t answer the phone for a number you do not recognize. Same goes for snail mail, emails and texts.

Don’t break a chain mail! It’s not worth the risk

Don’t be a thrill seeker or overconfident!

Don’t hide in the closet or under the bed. That is too obvious!!!

Don't panic!!!

Pleasure now, pain later, this bed will be painted in blood!
Pleasure now, pain later, this bed will be painted in blood! | Source

Don’ts (cont’d.)

If you did stupidly decide to enter a haunted, abandoned warehouse, graveyard or overall creepy place.

Don’t investigate! Get the hell out of there as quick and quietly as you can.

Don’t touch anything and don’t keep anything or bring anything back with you. No souvenirs (stealing is bad)

Don’t make out or have sex there. Leave!!!!

Don’t party, dance or play music loudly. Again get the F out of there!

Don’t pull any pranks! The tables will turn on you and you will end up dead!

Always look behind you
Always look behind you | Source
The Pope will probably be better but a priest will do!
The Pope will probably be better but a priest will do! | Source


The do’s is way less than the don’ts because the don’ts are inspired by horror movies. By the way doesn’t that sentence sound like a tongue twister (Halloween pun!)? Usually in horror movies the victims always make the same mistakes.

While entertaining these mistakes are the premise of horror movies(silly mistakes that can cost you your life). What about the survivors and what they did right? Here are some of the do’s inspired by the ones that make it to the end of a horror movie.

Do follow your intuition! Logic isn’t everything (especially for things you seen and can’t explain)

Do always look behind you (and check each room)

Do lock up doors and windows

Do be quiet and cautious.

Do be brave! Given the option of flight vs fight, many people run. If you are outnumbered run, if you aren’t, you got to face your fears and fight! Overconfidence and loudness are bravado not actually being brave. Being smart is brave!

Do contact a priest, shaman, psychic, or holy person that is knowledgeable in the supernatural/paranormal sense.

This will be YOU if you commit a crime on Halloween
This will be YOU if you commit a crime on Halloween | Source

Don’ts: In the realm of reality

Ok the do and don’t scenarios maybe not be realistic (they really aren’t). Even so, don’t fret. Here are some realistic suggestions on what not to and more importantly what to do on Halloween.

Don’t stuff your pie hole. November 1st will suck for you

Don’t steal candy from your kids or younger siblings/cousins/relatives. Angry little kids are worse than demons!

Don’t vandalize or steal anything. Cops are probably on high alert on Halloween, so the chances of you getting caught are HIGH. Overall avoid crime and criminals!!!

Don’t get do drugs or get drunk! DUI’s are scary year around!

Dracula movie poster 1931
Dracula movie poster 1931 | Source
Edgar Allan Poe looking creepy
Edgar Allan Poe looking creepy | Source

Do’s: In the realm of reality

Do get creative and make your own costumes, masks, and decorations

Do watch horror movies and TV shows

Recommended movie and TV playlist:


Hocus Pocus, the Resident Evil series, Practical Magic, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare before Christmas, Halloweentown, the Exorcist movies, the Poltergeist series (any series is good). Dracula (the 1931 movie)

TV Shows:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the X-files, Angel, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Are you Afraid of the Dark? are good TV show marathons to watch.

Do tell scary stories. Also read them!

Good book series and authors:

Goosebumps, Fear Street series books (or any book by R.L. Stine are good).

Other good horror authors include: Dean Koontz, John Saul, Lois Duncan, Bram" Stoker, Christopher Pike, James Patterson, Stephen King, Ann Rice, HP Lovecraft.

Poetry is good too (Edgar Allan Poe).

Of course don't eat the spider!!!
Of course don't eat the spider!!! | Source

Eat candy and treats!!! Not eat too much now!!!

Do follow traditional Halloween traditions. Trick or treating, carving Halloween pumpkins, decorating the house, pulling pranks. Make up some traditions of your own too!!!

Lastly do enjoy yourself!!!

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween | Source

I hope you enjoy this hub! Please continue the tradition and give me some of your do’s and don’ts of Halloween!!!! Thank You!

What do you plan on doing for Halloween?

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