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The February Birthday - Great Gift Ideas

Updated on November 4, 2013

February Birthdays

Those born in the month of February share their birth month with several other notable celebrations such as Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and Groundhog Day.

There are numerous ways to celebrate February birthdays, and below you will find some wonderful ideas for gifts. Flowers, gemstones and zodiac signs all lend to creative suggestions.  Combining tradition and folklore with one's birthday make a gift memorable and appreciated!

February was named after the Roman god Februus. In Roman mythology, Februss was the god of purification, reflecting the rituals undertaken before Spring.

Names of the February Moon: Snow Moon, Chaste Moon, Hunger Moon, Wolf Moon

February Amethyst Stone

The birthstone for February is the Amethyst -

The meaning for the Amethyst is sincerity.
The Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz often used in jewelry; it comes in hues from a lightest pinkish violet to a deep purple.

Tommaso Designs combine heart shape genuine Amethysts with diamonds to create really beautiful jewelry. The rich color in the heart pendant 1.20 carats) and the earrings (1.60 carats) is stunning, and the metal of the prongs and necklace chain are white gold.

Combining the February birthstone in the traditional heart shape for Valentines Day is a thoughtful and beautiful gift idea!

February Flower - Violet

The flower for the month of February is the Violet - the Viola species are small perennial plants (some are annuals or small shrubs).

Often grown for their ornamental flowers, they are a beautiful, delicate flower with a scent that is called "flirty", as it comes and goes.

The flower of St. Valentine is actually the Violet, not the Rose. Persecuted by a Roman emperor, and in prison, this Christian priest continued his good works by crushing the violet blossoms growing outside his cell to make ink with which to write on leaves; a dove delivered the notes to his friends.

Violets, linked to faithfulness, and romantic love, remain a symbol of St. Valentine and is a beautiful offering between lovers.

What a lovely gift for those having been born in the month of February!

February Zodiac Sign - Aquarius / Pisces

Aquarius -
Duration - roughly from Jan 20 - Feb 19
Zodiac symbol - Water Carrier
Zodiac element - Air
Domicile - Uranus (day), Saturn (night)

Strong-willed and original
Visionary and intuitive
Free-spirited and independent
Eccentric and magnetic

Pisces -
Duration - roughly Feb 19 - March 20
Zodiac symbol - fish
Constellation - Pisces
Zodiac element - Water
Domicile - Neptune (day), Jupiter (night)

Imaginative and sensitive
Compassionate and kind
Selfless and unworldly
Intuitive and sympathetic

February Quote

If February give much snow
     A fine Summer it doth foreshow

                        - an English proverb



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