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The First Father's Day

Updated on September 19, 2015

Daddy's first Father's Day is something special

Avoid working on the first one. Countless people admit the little one rarely realizes why the day is different from another Sunday. This one is more for you than for them.
Avoid working on the first one. Countless people admit the little one rarely realizes why the day is different from another Sunday. This one is more for you than for them. | Source

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A unique father's day gift is the feeling of the first father's day ever

With Father’s Day around the corner there are a lot of daddies celebrating the first experience with the holiday. Even looking at the same day from two distinct points of view makes an enormous difference. Seeing the same day as a son is not the same as seeing it through the eyes of a Dad. The emotion and feeling for each are poles apart.

Why is this one different?

There is always the first time anything is done. The initial feeling of euphoria which countless people get with the "firsts" is there for the new dad. This one is paramount in the rest of many more to come.

Typically the most pride and joy imaginable in being a parent is a celebrated phenomenon on this date. The ironic thing about having all of these great feelings is being admired for something which all admit they love to do. A pat on the back for doing such an enjoyable job is virtually unheard of in this day and age. It is the compliment to those wonderful stay at home mommies and daddies.

Look forward to future ones

This is only the beginning. The job is much easier than construction or being a rocket scientist. There is no mandatory retirement age or date. In fact, as the years go by there is never a feeling of apprehension as the date approaches. The second Sunday every June is waited for with great anticipation whether a father is 25 years old or 65 years old. Subsequent celebrations of the same day produce even bigger feelings of enjoyment.

What is yet to come

The newborn babies are not quite as adapt at gift giving as they eventually will become. It is excellent to experience those particular ones where the kid still touches the folly and celebratory tone of the entire day. It is not mapped out by special dinners in expensive restaurants or wearing a hideous looking tie for one day. No matter what a child gives a parent, when it comes with love it is cherished.

One rule of thumb is as children become older the gifts come with more taste. Dad is in store for the ultimate fishing trip for his 35th celebration versus a new shaving kit for the 13th one. Even grandpa is getting great goodies as the years roll by.

Not the average Dad

There are other firsts which take place in the early stages of being Dad. For some lucky few, whether they are an uncle, step parent or best friend-all have an aim or goal to be a wonderful father. This means a hats off to every one fitting into any one of these descriptions.

As any parent takes a look into a child's eyes they see the recognition of being a parent. A joy spreads from head to toes which is indescribable. Those with a little insight into the new parent feelings admit seeing the best of themselves.This is either through the hopes and dreams of things to come for someone who deserves nothing but the best or the innocence captured in the same glances.

Children have a sincerity and honesty in individual emotions. There is unchained sentiment we only later learn to calm down or hide at times. The first day kiddie realizes what Father's Day means to both child and father is almost as wonderful as the first one. That initial passing from a single entity into a parent does something to everyone who crosses the threshold. Being responsible for positively shaping a person's well being is an ultimate responsibility and having a single day of the year which says thank you for doing the best possible job means something special and unique.

Better than Christmas

The first Father’s Day is like no other holiday. Even Christmas is not quite like this one. This is sort of like having the SuperBowl or the Stanley Cup with Dad's two favorite teams playing each one. Not only do they have one meeting for the ultimate prize, but what if they even met twice in one year? Put all those sentiments together and have something better than nearly every holiday the remaining twelve months of the year.

Whenever someone is asked to name a favorite holiday, rarely if at all will an individual state Father's Day. This does not mean it never is, it simply means it is not considered the normal or average Easter or Halloween. Breakfast in bed is bed than Turkey sandwich left overs for lots of folks.

In conclusion

There is not enough said about the first time a father realizes how nice it is to have the job. In nearly all cases the focus is more on the responsibility and difficulty of the job. How not to mess it up or even when to recognize it has a few wrinkles is talked about more than this second Sunday each year.

If still expecting a new baby this year, look forward to the first Father's Day which comes along with it. Let this be the first of many more remarkable ones to come.

Daddies and Mommies are different

Most daddies believe no one knows the joy or pride which comes with the first Father's Day of many. This is not the case. Nearly everyone tells the same story of every one being special. The initial one with the oldest child is just as distinctive as the last couple with the youngest child.

Mom knows the flip side of the coin with a May (Mother's Day) celebration. Though, there is a big difference in how mom and dad typically want to celebrate. For some strange reason mom is generally given the day off, while dad finds himself strapped to a kiddy activity for the afternoon or morning.

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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      My first father's day was spent just holding and carrying my daughter. She was a few weeks then and it was awesome. I'm still enjoying the memories of that first father's day. This coming father's day I'm sure it will be equally special. Just being with my daughter is more than enough for me.