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The Great Debate - Christmas Tree vs Holiday Tree

Updated on December 22, 2011

*Please note: this hub is not meant to be offensive in any way and I have nothing against other religions. This is simply my take on a controversy that has been going around for some time.

Christmas tree vs Holiday tree: where do you stand?

The fact that this is even an argument in the first place blows my mind. IT seems that, in today's society, people will find anything to argue about. Coffee too hot and you burnt your tongue? Okay, let's sue someone! Like that's not common sense, people. And, as if incidents like that aren't ridiculous enough, now people want to drag religion and holidays into this.

Let me shed some light on Christmas trees - they are a symbol of the Christian holiday, Christmas. So, if you are someone who celebrates Christmas, chances are, you will have a Christmas tree. If you do not, you most likely won't. Unless, of course, you are in a family that perhaps celebrate Christmas along with another religious Holiday (I will refrain from using any specific holiday names because I do not want to butcher the spelling! But I think you know what I am talking about)

You don't see anyone arguing about changing "Menorah" to "holiday candle." Why? Because it is a symbol of that particular holiday. These things do not represent all holidays, but one particular holiday that people celebrate, either because it's a part of their religion, or because that's how they were just brought up. This is a season for many holidays, but each one is very very different and represented in different ways. To change their symbols to make them more "appropriate" for all holidays in general is, in fact, inappropriate.

So, to even have an argument on Christmas tree vs Holiday tree is, to put it simply, ridiculous and unnecessary.


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