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The Green Man Music Festival, Celtic Druid Kill The Greenman By Burning! Why Is Green Man The Best Festival?

Updated on April 9, 2012

The best festival has to be the Green Man Festival. It is small, personal and full of loving atmosphere. The Greenman has been built on good old fashioned celtic tradition and this article will tell you how this is demonstrated as the Celtic Druid kills the Green Man!

If you have read my article ‘The Green Man Festival - Who is this Green Man - Pagan, Druid, Celtic or Just Ancient’ you will know the origins of Jack of the green. Green symbolism has connections with all things natural. The Green Man is represented as the Pagan, Celtic and Druid God of Vegetation now a days; although you will know by now that the roots of this belief may well stem back to ancient times. If you haven’t yet read this article, I strongly recommend that you click on the above link now.

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This article focuses on what has happened at the Green Man Festival in the past – the Pagan and Druid ritual that celebrates and then murders the Green Man in the most fantastical style.

Welcome to Wales - Welcome to the Green Man and his Festival!

Deep in the Welsh National Park lies Glanusk Park. This is an estate situated within the sight of Sugar Loaf Mountain and forms part of the Brecon Beacons. This is true nature country and is lush with green vegetation. You could say this is an ideal setting for a magical experience and you would not be wrong! Themed around the myth of the Green Man, a great celebration is held here. This is the Green Man Festival. It is here that a new tradition has been established that links ancient myth with present day culture. This is new Celtic Druidism, new Paganism and new spirituality – the spirituality of today meets spirituality wisdom of the past. Welcome to Wales… Welcome to the Green Man and his festival!

To Honour the Green Man, We have HIS Festival!

Green Man Festival Logo
Green Man Festival Logo

What is the Welsh Green Man Festival?

The Green Man Festival is a three-day celebration held in late August. It was set up in 2003 and originally held a 300-participation capacity. Like the hopes for growth by appeasing the Green Man for spring through to summer, this festival has flourished. It now holds 10,000 plus! It seems that honouring Jack in the green has been repaid.

What a perfect setting, deep in the Welsh Brecon Beacons at Glanusk Park, can such a magical incarnation of such an ancient being be celebrated! The magical experience can be felt within the trees, music and the people.

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Glanusk Park, Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales

The Green Man Festival 2003 - Music Fest 2010!

Set out on five stages, such musical genres of indie, folk, dance and Americana can be heard. Bands like The National, Wilco, Bat For Lashes, Spiritualized, Super Furry Animals, Pentangle, Animal Collective, Jarvis Cocker, British Sea Power, Iron and Wine, Bon Ivor and Robert Plant have all played, amongst many!

Comedy and theatrics are all laid on to amaze, enhance the magic and share the love. People sit and ponder about life and nature amongst a blazing fire. The children run around free only to stop in awe of the floating Chinese lanterns that swim their way to the clouds. The sounds of buzzing energy filtrate the land – it is as if the Green Man appreciates the gathering and the happiness that has been created.

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Below is a video of an impromto moment during the Green Man Festival.  This guy was just sitting by the communial fire, singing old English folk songs.  One of many magical moments you will discover at this festival.

Featured Video - Take A Look At The Most Talented DustMan In England! *Traditional English Folk*

The Green Man Fire

The Gathering at the Green Man Fire.  Ponder upon life whilst the children happily run free.
The Gathering at the Green Man Fire. Ponder upon life whilst the children happily run free.

The Green Man Watches Over The Site as Visitors Stare at Him in Awe... He Will Die Soon!

Green Symbolism and The Green Man = Nature

The symbol of the Green Man has been lovingly created before the festival with the approval of the Druids.

His essence is within this symbol – a huge Green Man made of sticks entwined.

The Druids bless the new creation as he stands overlooking the festival site. The 10,000 people that attend the festival adorn him with messages of hope and love.

These are attached to him like butterflies in flight.

Each message has a thought and a wish.

It is only when they are burned that the wishes can be released into the ether – and burned they are!

-* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--*

Kill the Green Man... Kill!

Green Man, we are coming to kill you!
Green Man, we are coming to kill you!

Jack of the green - You can't stop the Celtic Druid from slaying you!

To Slay a Green Man... it's a dirty job but someone has to do it! Celtic Druid has a Mission!

The Green Man Stands proud. He knows what will be will be. He needs to die and death becomes him! With strict determination the Druids gather in the dark night air.

The last song is sung on the stages as the Druids meditate and focus on the forthcoming act in hand. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!

With strength and courage the participators are invited to witness this final act. The Green Man will be released from the bounds of vegetative growth.

His final moment is drawing near as the Druids and the crowd follows with batted breath.

-* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--*

Nothing can stop them now! Death to the Green Man!

Light the torch and say a prayer....

There is tenseness in the air.

Standing before the people the Druids raise their heads and send a farewell to the huge figure before them.

Such silence fills the air as a prayer is sent for the release of the spirit.

The Green Man is being slain.

He needs release.

He needs to rest during the winter so as he can be strong again to enter the leaves, trees and vegetation in spring.

He needs to die to be re-born.

We all need good crops and harvests next year, so with bitter determination the fire torches from the Druids lights the wooded frame.

-* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--* -*--*

Burn the Green Man... Burn!

Up, up and away, the furnace climbs. Up, up and away go the messages of love and hope. He is burning. The Green Man crackles and cracks as the flames engulf him. The crowd are warmed by the glow of his death and a huge cry of pleasure immerses from the people. The deed is done and the Green Man can rest in peace for the winter.

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

Link To The Green Man Festival

The Spirit of the Green Man is Set Free!

... and all this happens in the depths of the Welsh Countryside.  Sssh, though, it is a secret!
... and all this happens in the depths of the Welsh Countryside. Sssh, though, it is a secret!


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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      pddm... If you like festival vibe, you would like this one! Thanks for reading x

    • pddm67 profile image


      8 years ago from Queens, New York

      Great hub! The festival sounds awesome. Would luv to possibly attend one year. Sounds like something I would totally enjoy. Rock on!

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      @Sherbet This is the one to go to. I've never been to Ireland so I should really take the time out to do so. I love festivals and yes the small ones are the best.

      Glastonbury - This year I shall just be hanging out at the Park and Strummerville campfire - it has got so big now that you spend most of your time creating a schedule from A to B. I love Shoegazer music and bands before they get big. I like to meet them and they are accessible when small.

      There is always an adventure to be had at a festival!! x

    • Sherbet Penny profile image

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      This sounds like a festival I want to go to. Been to Glastonbury many times, in the 90's and 2000's, and it's loosing its soul a little. I'm heading to burning man finally this year, but also like the sound of this. Electric picnic here in Ireland started of small also, but is huge now, and I like to catch these festivals before they grow too big for there booths.

      I'll be looking into it.

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      @Sherbet - It's a music festival with comedy and performing arts - a bit like Glastonbury Festival but more personal and smaller. Glastonbury Fest holds 150,000 and Green Man 10,000 - so a huge difference participators.

      People come and enjoy, witness the burning of the Green Man and see's his essence everywhere but many don't actually know the symbology. I hope that I have filled the gap.

      For a great festival, The Green Man is the place to be. Thanks for reading

      p.s. you get to mix with the bands too. Last year I met Jarvis Cocker and British Sea Power... I guess that is part of the magic!

      I look forward to meeting Billy Bragg again - I had breakfast with him at Glastonbury Festival! hehehe

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Green Lotus... Oh nature Goddess, the Green Man becons thee! All roads lead to ponder road! Thanks for reading my friend x

    • Sherbet Penny profile image

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      I love the Flaming Lips, sounds like a good line up so far, and the pictures are amazing, is this a Welsh sort of Burning Man festival, Art wise?

    • Green Lotus profile image


      8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I love pondering about life and nature and all things Green! Ah I wish I could attend this's sounds like good verdant fun. Thanks Shaz, thumbs up!


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