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The Halloween Date: A Fictional Story

Updated on December 11, 2016

So here I am again sitting alone in my cubicle listening to all my co-workers prattle on about the wonderful and exciting Halloween parties they will be attending. I keep hoping the racket of my typing will muddle their chatter, but I still can hear PT cackling on about what a wonderful party her boyfriend will be throwing. Yes, as you can see I am a little jealous of PT, she is 27, has a perfect figure, and is on the verge to becoming engaged to the cutest guy in our office. Some how she even got around the company policy of not dating, but hey she is PT, everyone loves how cute she is, so she could get away with hitting people with a car they would just smile at her they way they smiled at Hallie Berry.

Why do the beautiful women always get away with murder when the rest of us have to slave away at our computers? Here I am working all day long trying to catch up on my reports, but all the beautiful and sexy women such as PT seem to have oodles of time to cavort around the office as if this were a high school lunch hour? I know my job entails a little bit more responsibility than PT, but with her luck and lack of work ethic she will be promoted way before I am.

Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!

Boss man comes to my cubicle and asks me to hand over the immaculate reports at 2 p.m. I give him said reports, and he just stare blankly at these and says thanks. The minute PT come bounding down the hall, his head literally turns around like a corkscrew, so he can get an ideal view of her backside.

I do not begrudge PT, but life is much easier when you are beautiful and sexy. Whenever I try to act cute it goes unnoticed, and my best efforts with my work are not very appreciate. PT does not even know I exist, but she is like one of those cool high school girls you wish would invite you to parties.

At four p.m. that afternoon by some stroke of miracle, PT stops by and asks if I would like to come to her boyfriend's costume party. I am so excited and honored because during the entire year she has worked there she does not even seem to know I exist, but now she is inviting me to a really fun party.

I quickly agree to attend her costume party, but I realize I have nothing to wear. After work that day I drive to the mall and grab the first costume I see and quickly drive home to squeeze into it. Of course my large hips nearly rip the seems on the side of the dress, and I look more like a tawdry witch than Bewitched. Just my luck, and I truly do not have the body to wear this thing.Quickly I shimmy out of this get-up and put on an Easter bunny suit I have in my closet. Once I was an Easter bunny in a parade, so this costume is better than none.

I decide to get an Easter basket and fill it with candy, just so I can look my part. When I get the party I am quite a center piece because no one else is dressed up as an Easter bunny, I even make a ta do about handing out candy to drunk people at the party, and they really love that. One of the few sober people at the party is this a cute looking Zorro guy, who offers me to get me some punch. When he turns around I cannot help but admire how fit he is, and he comes back and very gallantly offers me some spooky punch. We have such a great chat that we end up talking outside on the deck, and eventually we decide to go out to his car. A little bit of talking leads to making out, and then Zorro tells me he is going to take off his mask.

To my horror of horrors I realize Zorro is my boss, but he admits he has had a secret crush on me for over a year and went along with the bunny act. I am shocked and want to jump out of the car, but then he tells me how beautiful I am. He does not care about company policy and wants to date me, he has just been trying to find a way to tell me.

This was the weirdest Halloween ever and after that night I quit my job. My boss was a cute enough guy, but I am not the type of girl to date the boss. Plus I really hated that job and can do so much better.


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