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The Hottest Halloween Costumes. Tips, Twists, and Tricks for a Spooky Good Time

Updated on October 26, 2015
Dark Angel
Dark Angel

Should Halloween costumes be....

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Great Series!! Must read!

Fantastic Fairytales, Soft and sexy!

Teens aren't the only ones who enjoy paranormal fiction. It's a craze for the young and old. TV series such as Once Upon a Time, Brothers Grimm, and Sleepy Hollow are reflective of this craze- fables take a walk on the dark side. Also movies such as Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried and remakes of movies like Alice in Wonderland have been brought back to create a darker side of a world we once thought of as innocent.

While pretty white angels are a beautiful costume choice, incorporating the darker side gives a trendy edge to costumes. The traditional Alice in Wonderland is gorgeous, but once again a sultry damsel with a dark side is also an excellent (and sexy) costume.

If you still want innocence, Wizard of Oz is celebrating it's 75th anniversary and some great costume ideas are derived from this theme. Glenda the Good witch and Dorothy can be soft and eye pleasing.

If you crave a fluffy tail, bunnies are best. If you want the sexy counterpart go for a Playboy Bunny. Perhaps a mix is the right way to go. For one Halloween, I dressed as a bunny with the tail and ears, but personalized it with a simple Playboy Bunny T-shirt- not quite Playboy style but also not typical boring bunny.

Zombify Anything!

Studying isn't cool, it's HOT

Personally I love the school girl costume. So many ways you can play with this. I've done a couple of variations of this theme. One year, many years ago, I dressed as a school girl but at that time Britney Spears was just coming onto the scene and one of her first songs, "Baby One More Time", was made popular partly because of her school girl outfit in the music video. Who can deny that outfit.

Awesome accessories: the importance of accessories in costumes can make or break a costume and give it the entire vibe. Cleopatra without jewels and strong black-lined eyes is NOT Cleopatra. A sexy school girl must have the right accessories like high heeled/platform penny loafers. Pig tails...a must! Choose the right accessories and make-up for a costume simple and soft or sexy and divine.

The twist: I mentioned above the trends in TV, books, and movies geared toward the paranormal. School girl twists can include a zombie school girl. Yes, apparently zombies can be sexy. There are many variations. Look up your local Halloween store to find a plethora of zombie costumes.

Another twist: I told you school girl costumes are FUN! Yes, another variation of the school girl is geek girl. Geeks are hot! You can find geek glasses everywhere now and don't leave home without your pocket protector, maybe some books, suspenders, or a bow tie. There's a lot of fun ways to play this part.

Geek chic
Geek chic

Freaky Bridal Babe

Moving on from zombies, or perhaps zombie brides...anything bridal is a hit. Besides zombie bride, you could do a playful bride of Frankenstein or a black widow/spider bride. Throw together a sexy, simple, or scary costume and add a veil, maybe some lace.


His is Hers

Women dressed up in traditional male attire is sexy. Why? I don't know. Something that probably originated with women wearing men's shirt (and nothing else) after a good romp in the sack.

Some menswear that doubles as sexy for women are:

  • Combat/military uniforms (think GI Jane).
  • SWAT Team or cop gear is super cute!!
  • Gangster. Get your (fake) guns out.

Villainous Vixens and Super Sexy Heroes

From vampires to witches the deviants are the essence of Halloween. Villains range from Cat Woman to Poison Ivy in Batman. For every bad girl, there is a good one. Super heroes like Wonder Woman and Super Girl are classic faves. You can also take traditional "good" characters and make them sinister. Just as there are dark angels or fallen angels, how about bad faeries?

Have you been naughty or nice for Halloween?

Celebrity Costume
Celebrity Costume

Wild Woman

Leopard, jaguars, and cheetahs! Oh My! This is on my list of HOT! And it proves black cats CAN be lucky.

Other wild and sexy animal themes are:

  • Peacock- something about peacocks tickles our fancy!
  • Foxes are foxy.
  • Naughty raccoon
  • Deer. Yes, a dear and if you have a hunk of a guy....he could be the hunter.

Celebrity Costumes
Celebrity Costumes

Leopard jaguar mAkeup

Play with accessories and make-up without the full costume

Just DON'T do it

Say no to inanimate object costumes like a ketchup bottle or an M&M. There's no way to personalize these costumes. Not only do they lack sex appeal, they aren't scary or sexy. They're pointless on Halloween.

When to say yes: Ok if you must be an object do it with affection...with your significant other. He's mustard and you're ketchup. Themes like that are cute and playful, but I'll still wonder about the spice in your sex life?!!!

What will I be for Halloween?

Halloween is a time of year we get to be what we normally aren't. Last year I was an FBI Agent (fun and sexy). This year Red Riding Hood rules! For years I went as a black cat (easy). Currently I work part-time from home, but I am definitely a full time mom complete with messy ponytail and baby stained shirts so Halloween is a great time to get our of mom garb!

What will you be?

Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in Pirates of the Caribbean
Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in Pirates of the Caribbean

Don't forget about the guys!

Guys, your number one secret weapon. Two words...Jack Sparrow is a safe bet.

Other hotties:

Magic Mike


Owen (from Jurassic World movie)

Something Scottish? I'd love to see more guys in Kilts!


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