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The Hottest and Trendiest Fitness Gift Ideas for Chistmas 2009

Updated on March 14, 2011

After the infamous binge eating taking effect around the holidays, those quite obsessed about their waist lines may appreciate a 2009 Christmas gift that will allow them to forget about those extra gained pounds. If you have a family member of a friend that cannot come to terms with having eaten too many cordial cherries, fruit cake and Smithfield ham, a fitness gift will allow them to finally exercise and relax.

This Christmas 2009 features some of the hottest and trendiest fitness gifts ever. The choices are several making it difficult to decide what to get, but they all ultimately will deliver a very important goal: allow the receiver to exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle. Providing a fitness gift therefore accomplishes several things: it will make a thoughtful present while providing the priceless gift of health and well being. It's ultimately a win win situation for both giver and receiver. Following is a list of some of the trendiest Christmas 2009 fitness gifts.

-Wii Fit

Nothing can be more fun than exercising while playing, Introducing Wii Fit,  the program that will get users hooked on shedding those extra pounds. The games promises challenging activities that will provide loads of of entertainment . The kit comes with a balance board that will allow to engage in several types of sports and games such as  yoga,  aerobics, stretching and balance  games. 

-Nintendo ''My Fitness Coach''

With these tough economic times, not everybody can allow to go to the gym and afford a personal coach. My fitness coach is a personal virtual trainer courtesy of Nintendo. The program will allow the user to set goals, track progress and stay motivated. The personal trainer's name is Maya, a confident woman that will provide valuable advice and help throughout the work out. With over 500 work outs users will surely get to reach their goals.

- Yoga Mat by Aurorae

For those looking for an out of the ordinary mat that will help improve their yoga sessions, the Aurorae mat is a valuable tool.  First of all the mat is ultra thick so to say good bye to the annoying knee pain that follows the use of ordinary mats. Second, the mat is equipped with a focal point icon that will allow the user to better concentrate and therefore focus during the session, third the mat is SGS approved. The Aurorae Yoga mat will definitely be a great gift for the yoga appreciator at an affordable price and value. 

-Schwinn Active 20 Series Recumbent Exercise Bike

Riding a bicycle provides a great opportunity for aerobic exercise but not many have the time or the willingness to get out especially during inclement weather. This is why exercise bikes have become so popular, people finally get to enjoy biking from the comfort and safety of their home. The Schwinn Active 20 Exercise Bike is particularly popular because it is ''recumbent'' meaning it allows the user to exercise from a reclining position. This helps put less strain on critical points such as neck, arm and shoulders.

-Miscellaneous Items

Of course there may be a variety of other gifts that will surely be appreciated by the fitness aficionado. A magazine subscription to the favorite fitness magazine,  a book from a favorite trainer, dumbells, a pilate mat,  a digital  scale, yoga accessories and much more.

As seen, there are several gift idea for those enamored with fitness and well being.  It ultimately comes down  to recognizing what the receiver is passionate about and ensuring he or she does not already own the prospective gift. In any case the gift will certainly help the receiver start the new year in good health and great shape.


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    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      ahhh.. a nice new set of free weights. That'll do me good.