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The January Birthday - Great Gift Ideas

Updated on November 4, 2013

January Gift Ideas

When trying to come up with gift ideas, just looking to the month the recipient was born in will give you a wealth of options. Your birth month is like your personal niche that has certain historical facts and individual features that have held true through the years.

January was named after the Roman god Janus - The god of doors and gates.
Janus was chosen for January because when you start something new, symbolically you pass through a door. Janus is portrayed with two faces; one looking forward, and one looking back.
January is the door to the new year.

January's name of the moon: Old Moon, Moon after Yule, Storm Moon

January Garnet Stone

The birthstone for January is the Garnet -

The meaning for the Garnet is consistency.
A gorgeous deep red gemstone that has been in use since the Bronze Age.

Giving a gift of a birthstone is a longtime tradition and often a birthstone ring is presented on one's sixteenth birthday, to be handed down from one generation to the next. Some of the first birthstone rings contained the the birth stone of the mother and father and these were passed down; supposedly to ward off bad luck, and encourage success. They now are favored as an attractive accessory, but I feel the act of passing them on to the next generation is a lovely act.

January Flower - Carnation

The flower for January is the Carnation - their traditional meaning is love, fascination, and distinction.

Each carnation color has it's own meaning -

  • Light red - represents admiration
  • Dark red - denotes deep love and affection
  • White - represents pure love and good luck
  • Striped or variegated - symbolize regret that a love cannot be shared
  • Purple - indicate capriciousness
  • Pink - the symbol of a mother's undying love

The formal name for carnation, dianthus, come from Greek for "heavenly flower".

There are countless wonderful gift ideas when using the January carnation flower. There is always a beautiful bouquet of Carnations, or jewelry, or paintings; as well as the amazing lighted carnation garland shown, and the coffee mug that starts out black and transforms the image into a white cup with lovely flowers as hot liquid sits in it.

Your January birthday recipient will appreciate the thought you've put into their gift!

Capricorn Amulet

Aquarius Amulet

Zodiac Traits

Do you align with your zodiac traits?

See results

January Zodiac Sign - Capricorn / Aquarius

Capricorn Facts -

  • Zodiac symbol - seagoat
  • Constellation - Capricornus
  • Zodiac Element - Earth
  • Zodiac Quality - Cardinal
  • Domicile - Urnaus (night), Saturn (day)
  • Practical and prudent
  • Ambitious and disciplined
  • Patient and careful
  • Humorous and reserved

  • Lucky stone: Onyx
  • Lucky Color: Brown and Peacock Blue
  • Lucky Day: Friday

Aquarius Facts -

  • Zodiac symbol - water carrier
  • Constellation - Aquarius
  • Zodiac - Element - Air
  • Zodiac Quality - Fixed
  • Domicile - Uranus (day), Saturn (night)
  • Friendly and humanitarian
  • Honest and loyal
  • Original and inventive
  • Independent and intellectual
  • Lucky Stone: Opal
  • Lucky Color: Blue, Blue-green
  • Lucky Day: Sunday

The January Quote

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow;
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

     - Lord Tennyson Alfred


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    • lindajot profile image

      lindajot 7 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon

      I really enjoyed learning a bit - and will most likely read more on it; I can see how it could be really fascinating. The great thing about hubpages is you can teach, but learn a lot also.

    • mieketownsend profile image

      mieketownsend 7 years ago from Washington State

      No problem. I happen to be a little obsessed with zodiac research Nice hub overall, though!! :)

    • lindajot profile image

      lindajot 7 years ago from Willamette Valley - Oregon

      Actually, the zodiac is not something I am very familiar with - I checked two different sites, and I guess I misread them. I will correct, and I thank you for the help / comment.

    • mieketownsend profile image

      mieketownsend 7 years ago from Washington State

      January Zodiac Sign - Capricorn / Pisces. this is wrong. capricorn/aquarius. pisces is after aquarius. Capricorn begins around December 22 and ends January 19. Aquarius is from January 20 through February 18. Pisces is from February 19 through March 20th. These dates vary from zodiac table to zodiac table, depending on who and when it was written and where the information came from, but they never change their order, or months. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo,Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. I'm sure this was just an oversight when you posted. :)