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What Type of Gift Giver Are You?

Updated on October 22, 2015
Attempting to get the perfect gift is a bigger headache than most folks bargained for. Give a gift card instead.
Attempting to get the perfect gift is a bigger headache than most folks bargained for. Give a gift card instead. | Source

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Several theories exist for why a giver holds onto a variety of viewpoints in deciding what to buy for someone else.

Giving a present to anyone is something tons of people hate. As soon as they realize there is an occasion which merits giving one, the stomach cramps up. This is a difficult task for countless individuals. Is this an issue because of the type of gift giver going shopping? The type or kind of gift giver a person becomes depends on a variety of factors.

So many choices make it more difficult

A variable litany of events warrant an abundance of possibilities. Knowing the correct gift for the right occasion is a must have. Instead of questioning if the one chosen is adequate or inadequate get a little advice. Anyone caught in the middle of picking out a bad one knows the feeling. It sucks and sticks out like a sore thumb.This is why a little info comes in handy.

Ever attend event and see an inappropriate item presented to a person? This is typically embarrassing for all parties. Though embarrassing moments do occur, these are generally the norm for those with the wrong compass for selecting presents. Whether too big, too little, too expensive or not the right time it all comes out the same. The wrong one. There is a way to make it the exception instead of the norm.

For the most part it is simply out of place or ill timed making it a bust. It is opened or presented and time stops. There is a moment of silence followed by an awkward thank you. This happens when a decision is poorly made or the thought process behind is lacking in something. For those who relate to this in personal situations, there is an answer to the issue. Every now and then it is as simple as understanding the point of view of a giver.

The event is not the biggest factor in most cases

The event taking place is important in considering what item someone gets. Yet, the number one factor in what is ultimately chosen generally comes down to something else. Most people believe it is the type of person a giver happens to be. Beliefs and opinions influencing purchases happen every day. When buying for another individual these need to be broadened or tweaked to make better choices for a recipient.

Take a step back and do an evaluation of a few things. Identifying more than a few factors is a necessity. Discover more in this article. This is helps make the entire process simpler and less stressful. There is generally one of two different kinds of folks with issues when it comes to giving gifts. Know which category fits and make necessary adjustments for a better outcome.

Two main Types

· The selfish giver

This gift giver is one actually buying the gift for themselves. They run out and get what they “think” the person should have based on personal opinions. The viewpoints are focused entirely on subjective material. This individual instills a belief in the mind this is a gift from the heart. Though, the service or product is only appropriate to the giver. The perspective is this is the ideal one and the recipient will be overjoyed. This is always a disaster in the making.

This is a guest involved in the belief this is perfect. A request is made for the guest of honor to open this one first. There is an unbearable anticipation for the wait. The notion is a smile is coming followed by a sincere heart felt thank you. After all, this is ideal in all ways, right? Wrong.

Look of astonishment

It avoids getting really ugly, but it never goes as planned by the presenter. The smile on the face starts to fade. Instead, there is a look of horror, unpleasant surprise or astonishment after opening it up. There is even a surprise look by some a guest has the audacity to present it. In response, astonishment is shown on giver's face. This never goes as planned because there was a incorrect premise to start the selection on.

Lack of gratitude

The giver is upset because a recipient has a lack of gratitude or even happiness for the product or service they invested so much time and insight to procure. It was something the other person needs (i. e. a flashlight, a fire extinguisher) or will find useful in the future. The icing on the cake comes for some not in the gift, but combined with the occasion as well. How is a flashlight a good idea as a Sweet Sixteen birthday party. Why is there a problem? This particular type of person has no comprehension where it all went so bad.

The selfish gifter misinterprets all sorts of things. There is not a consideration for the wants, needs, likes or dislikes of the recipient. The belief behind it is generally the heartfelt need of knowing what works best for someone else. There is typically the need combined with usefulness which kills the deal.

How to get around the issue

Needs and wants are two different agendas. Depending on the timing, circumstance, situation, event and budget these play a part. It is better to go with what someone wants if given a choice. Though, there are times when both a need and a want are combined into the same item.

The most important person in this scene is the beneficiary. This is the day or hour when all eyes are on them. Regardless of a givers stance, everything comes down to them. Understanding and knowing them personally is an added plus.

Registries work

This is why there is often a registry for presents. It helps those who are personally in the know or not in the know quickly identify a large listing of items. Registries also avoid duplicate items. Additionally, having these in a written format makes it a simpler process.

Go with the norm

Getting a set of dishes or pots and pans as a wedding gift works. It is the old standby in most cases, but it gets the job done. If there is a question as to which way to turn, go with the obvious. This makes the chance of error less likely. It is possible the biggest smile is for a different one, but there will not be a frown in nearly every case.

Ask those in the know

If this is a person who is not personally known, ask around. For instance, if buying for an in law it is more difficult than a brother or sister. Though, a brother or sister has more info on an in-law. There is a personal level which is missing, but able to be bridged through another mean. Ask relatives or close personal friends. If a trend repeats itself there is a good chance this is the right direction to be going in.

There are times when added benefits even come to light. A favorite store or website known to a personal friend or relative is a way to an easier discovery of the item.

· The “I don’t know” giver

These are people who take the energy to agonize for days or weeks over the perfect gift. In the end typically 2 gifts are purchased, just in case. Second and even third guesses are a constant. On top of this there is room for everyone’s opinion which is gathered by asking. The stomach does flip flops through the entire process of choosing and presenting.

Worry plagues them about pleasing the other person. This causes the giver to lose sight of what the item is for or the real person behind it. They are typically all consumed with the “perfect” gift.

There is an obsession with what other people think. Not only the guest of honor, but other people in attendance, relatives or even the salesperson during the purchase. This person compares every one against each other.

How to get around the issue

A little bit of doubt is in order. After all this even takes place when personal merchandise comes home from the store. Though, obsessing over it is not. Once a decision is made, go with it.

Gift receipts

These were invented for a very good reason. This falls under the category. Get a gift receipt for the merchandise. These are not only good during the holidays and most stores have them ready year round. Simply ask for one when a purchase is made.

Person interaction helps

Personally identifying a persons wants or needs is a great way to buy for them. There are situations and etiquette rules which even admit times when coming right out and voicing this is okay.

Go with the norm

Going with the norm is not always a bad thing. Uniqueness works for some, but not necessarily for all. The giver and the recipient feel better with the norm. The every day ones are easy to find and purchase. For example, getting a baby bathtub or box of diapers for the baby shower is great to get the job done.

Really unique people are comfortable accepting something which does not quite fit in with the establishment. These are exceptional folks who are few and far between. Even though there is a one of a kind feeling about these individuals, there is still the need to know a personal level to get it right.

The ultimate "go to" gift

Get a gift card

For both of these and many others, the gift card was invented. It’s wonderful for every one of all ages. All sorts and kinds of occasions are good to go with one in hand and a gift receipt is not needed. It is a safe and secure way to play it.

The ten year old that wants the Wii game his mom and dad said no. Don’t purchase the game anyway simply because of love for a nephew and he wants it. Get the gift card. He is able to go to the store and possibly make a compromise on the game with mom and dad and everyone comes out looking good.

The mother in law you never want to buy for on any occasion. Most of the time this stems from not knowing the person well and not close enough to tell what she wants or will accept as a gift. The gift card for this person is wonderful.


A gift card giver is permitting the gift receiver to obtain the gift they would like. It is possibly lunch at the new Italian restaurant in town or a great full body massage. It is powerful in this regard. It meets the wants and the needs. Gas and groceries even work on the premise of this offering.

They are available nearly every place anyone purchases any sort of merchandise or service. The large credit card companies have even got the smarts to make getting a Visa, Mastercard or American Express available for a fee. How about paying for a car rental for the next vacation grandma takes.

Did you know a sister loves getting a massage? I didn’t think so. Give one via the card and a Hallmark to reflect personal sentiment and call it a very good day. It is always the right size, shape and form to fit every time a present is expected.

Put the advice to good use to make an informed decision and feel safe in knowing a better choice is being made when the next opportunity to buy comes around.

In the end be a good gift giver

In the end the perfect one is always about the receiver. Choosing one for appropriate for a certain holiday is hard for some folks. Ease the burden with the gift card.

Buying for someone who is not familiar also works with a card from a well known store. Try out Target or Walmart. There is nearly anything and everything there. So much to choose from which makes everyone happy.

Avoid the worry and ache of anything else by being a good giver with a gift card.

Cultural differences in gift giving

There are all sorts of increments. Some folks like to use a relatively safe zone of $20-$50. Though, if financial able to go higher do so.
There are all sorts of increments. Some folks like to use a relatively safe zone of $20-$50. Though, if financial able to go higher do so.
Most have an expiration date or time. Make certain not to lose this great piece of currency because of waiting too late.
Most have an expiration date or time. Make certain not to lose this great piece of currency because of waiting too late.
Food, services and all sorts of merchandise are options. There are even virtual cards around the web.
Food, services and all sorts of merchandise are options. There are even virtual cards around the web.

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    • smcopywrite profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from all over the web

      some of the best cards are visa cards. these work just like a visa card and are accepted anywhere that visa is. we have given gift cards to all of the teens for birthday and xmas in my family over the last couple of years and these have been a real hit. they even look forward to them.

      after xmas sales is where my nieces really clean up in shopping with theirs.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 

      7 years ago

      I still make out a CHECK for all these occasions...I really haven't gotten into "Gift Cards". We got one for Movies and a Dinner from my Son when we went South. The dinner place was for "Apple Bee's" problem, but the movie theater was down in Ft. Lauderdale, that was an hour from where we were staying, they had assured my son it was in town...NOT!


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