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The Last Airbender Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas

Updated on August 21, 2010
Photo Credit: SweetPudgyPanda Flickr
Photo Credit: SweetPudgyPanda Flickr

Avatar's The Last Airbender Movie just hit theaters and as always there will be many kids who are big fans asking to have a Last Airbender Birthday Party. Along with a party comes Birthday Cakes and Cupcakes. So I decided to make this page to help those desperate for ideas on how to create a Last Airbender Birthday Cake or Last Airbender Cupcakes.

So come along as I show you some ideas to give you some Inspiration to get in the kitchen and get baking up something SWEET.

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Photo Credit:

The Last Airbender Cupcakes

I am starting off with these first because they happen to be my favorite. These are AWESOME and made by a dad who's son is a huge fan.

He created their favorite Avatar characters (Aang, Katara, Momo, and Appa) from a decorators Chocolate. First he sketched the designs on paper and filled them in with the chocolate - Amazing.

No need to panic if you are not that gifted the other cupcakes featuring the Blue Arrows are very easy to do and would be just perfect at the party. For these he Frosted his Cupcakes with White Frosting. On a piece of Parchment Paper he made a stencil by cutting out an arrow. then he placed some Blue Sugar on a plate and rolled his cupcake into it with the Stencil on top. You can also use some Blue Decorators Icing and Draw it right on as well.

You can also do the same Blue Arrow Design on a Cake too.

To see How these Cupcakes were created Step by Step visit:

Avatar, The Last Airbender Cupcakes

Flame and Water Cupcake Photos for Inspiration

Click thumbnail to view full-size
mandrake68's photostream's photostream Flickr
mandrake68's photostream Flickr
mandrake68's photostream Flickr
QuintanaRoo's photostream Flickr
QuintanaRoo's photostream Flickr

Fire and Water Cupcakes

Another fun idea for cupcakes that would work for your Last Airbender Cupcakes could be a mix of Fire Cupcakes and Water Cupcakes. There are many easy ways you can create both.

Fire Cupcakes

  • Use Red, Orange and Yellow Icing and Pipe it on to the Top of the Cupcakes
  • Frost your Cupcake Red and Orange and Create Flames from Fire Colored Chocolate
  • Frost you Cupcakes and stick in Pictures of Flames that you have cut out

Water Cupcakes

  • Mix Different Shades of Blue Icing and Pipe it onto the Top of the Cupcakes
  • Frost your Cupcake in Various Blue Shades and add on some Blue Colored Chocolate waves
  • Frost you Cupcakes and stick in Pictures of Water that you have cut out

The Last Airbender Edible Cake Images

Another easy way to create your Last Airbender Birthday Cake is by using one of the Edible Cake Images available. These are Edible images that you just place on top of your Baked and Frosted Cake and it adheres right to it. There are many images you can choose and they can even be personalized with your own message.

The Last Airbender Cupcake Rings

You can even create your Cupcakes with the Fire and Water and add on some of the Last Airbender Cupcake Rings that are available. Place them on top and the kids get any extra treat they can take home from the party.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Appa Cake

I love when people think outside the box and that is what Amy did when she created a cake that resembles Appa the bison from The Last Airbender.

Here is a Blurb from her Blog "Back in December, I became obsessed with the idea of making a cake in the shape of Appa, the flying bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender. With help of my more experienced cake-making friend, Fran, I set out to make the Appa cake."

I think she did a great job and you can do it too.

Lucky for us she documented how it was done Step by Step - Take a look Here:

Appa Cake

Get Creative with your Last Air Bender Cake

Another fun idea would be creating a Tiered Cake using Lucks Edible Designer Sheets that are available in Flames and Blue Ribbon Strips to tie in a Water Look. Alternate them and then add one some of The Last Air Bender Figures to finish it off.

There are many other Last Airbender Toys you can use for a Cake Topper of create one yourself using a Photo from the internet printed on a Heavy Cardstock. Cut it out and insert it into the top of you cake with a Craft Stick or Skewer.

More Last Airbender Cake Topper Ideas

Avatar The Last Airbender Party Supplies

It is not easy to find The Last Airbender Party Supplies these days even with the recent movie release. On my Party Blog I put together some ideas on how to pull it all together and some of the Last Airbender Party Supplies I was able to come across to help inspire some ideas.

So if you are looking to have a Last Airbender Birthday Party then come take a look Here:

Avatar The Last Airbender Party Supplies


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