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The Light and Dark of the Holidays

Updated on November 29, 2010
How does winter and the holidays make you feel?
How does winter and the holidays make you feel? | Source

Ups and Downs, Light and Dark

Every year the seasons change, the days get longer or shorter. The light is brighter or more far away. Every year the seasons lead to a season mother nature does not recognise. The Holiday Season. Once upon a time this was a time to celebrate you had made it through the winter on what food you were able to store away during the warm months of plenty. Now its a shopping nightmare full of sad emotions for those who do not have enough money to eat properly much less buy a loved one a gift.

Once upon a time Christmas, Hanukkah, all those holidays saw gifts handmade with love and care, now no one can be bothered to spend the time. Things have become so twisted and misaligned these days. We have forgotten what the holidays are supposed to really be about. I challenge anyone who has enough to buy a gift for everyone on their list to add one more. Make a donation to a charity near you that brightens these times for the poor of your community. You would be surprised how many times I have heard an older person with no relatives cry opening a gift they never expected. Or how many times I have heard a young person cry that they thought no one cared and no longer felt the need to hurt themselves that season.

One gift can make a difference and can shine light into the darkness of the poor person's life that only comes with the reminder of having too little, or being alone. Bless someone this holiday season, even if all you do is offer them a home cooked meal.

Happy Holidays everyone.


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