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The Magic of the Christmas Story

Updated on December 13, 2013

So Much To Love About Christmas

Very few things compare to the magical moments of Christmas. The sweet scent of homemade food, colorful decorations and presents around the Christmas tree…Though most importantly, the priceless joy and warmth of having the family close together.

However, let us travel back in time, thousands of years ago, to when the magic of Christmas began. The Christmas story has been told many times before, you probably already know it. If you ever had a Christmas when you didn't remember the nativity story, grab a warm drink, hug your loved one, listen and enjoy:


The Christmas Story

Many centuries ago, lived in Nazareth a normal girl, humble and pure at heart, called Marry. She was engaged to a carpenter from the village, called Joseph, and the wedding was not long away. However, one night Mary had a dream and an angel appeared to her with news. She was told that God has blessed her with a Child, The Child of God. As a virgin, and soon to be bride of Joseph, Marry explained the blessing that came upon her to her future husband.

Joseph did not believe it at first, and thought Marry has sinned with another man. By the law, he could have broken the engagement and send Marry to be stoned to death. Although he did not want to reveal her shame and punish her, he doubted he pursue the marriage.

God had a plan and His love worked upon Joseph and Marry. In a dream, Joseph’s heart was thorn by a messenger, an angel who told him not to fear, that the Child Marry was carrying was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

King Herod Wanted to Find and Kill the King of Jews

Soon after, Joseph and Marry, empowered by faith and the love for God, got married. Not long before the due date, they had to travel to Bethlehem.

But king Herod has ordered a census and everyone had to return to their hometown. Therefore, Marry and her husband set off to a long journey towards Joseph’s town, fulfilling the prophecy. Marry traveled on a donkey to protect her baby, but when she arrived in Bethlehem, she was in great pain and almost ready for birth.

Christmas Story
Christmas Story

The Birth of Our Lord Jesus

As Joseph tried desperately to find a shelter for the night, all doors closed on their ways. They had no place to go, until a kind local woman approached them. She showed them the way to some rock caves on the outside of Bethlehem, where the stables were. It wasn't much, but at least it served as a warm and dry place to stay. She promised to join them later, and help with the birth.

As the story goes, the magical birth of our Lord Jesus Christ was in one of the most humble places in world, a stable, on top of hay and with animals by His side.

However, His Father, Almighty God, put the biggest star on the sky to warn the world of a miracle that was about to happen, and the King of Heaven that was going to be born.

Local shepherds arrived to greet the Savior, as an angel notified them about the miracle that has happened, and showed them the path to Him. Also, Kings from all lands of the world followed the star and came to witness The Gift of God, the birth of The Holy Child. They brought Him unique presents and prayed at His feet.

In a rock cave, a stable, on top of hay, was born our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As humble as His birth was, greater were the things He brought to this world. He did nothing less but to come and Save the World, Save Our Hearts and Our Souls, and Forgive Our Sins Forever!

Christmas Present
Christmas Present

The Christmas Story – A Gift to Your Heart

On the night of Christmas Eve, remember to open your heart and receive Jesus into your life. Celebrate! Christmas is not just a tradition but is the forever living memory of a miracle, when God blessed the world.

If you want to give someone the most magical present this Christmas, tell them the Christmas story.

Merry Christmas!

© 2013 Georgiana Dacosta


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    • OanaWriter profile image

      Georgiana Dacosta 16 months ago from London

      Thanks Betty, hope you're going to have a lovely Christmas this year as well.

    • OanaWriter profile image

      Georgiana Dacosta 4 years ago from London

      Thank you Betty for stopping by and leaving a kind comment. I am really happy you enjoyed the story. Merry Christmas!

    • Bettyoverstreet10 profile image

      Betty (Alawine) Overstreet 4 years ago from Vacaville, Ca.

      I enjoyed your version of the Christmas story, and especially your invitation to all to invite Jesus into their hearts!