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The Many Reasons I Love Christmas

Updated on December 21, 2011

Just about anyone I know loves Christmas. There is just something magical and wonderful about this time of the year. In fact, there are just so many great reasons why I love Christmas that I have no idea where to start.

I guess the biggest reason I love Christmas is because for me, it has always meant the gathering of family and friends. Christmas is a time to kick back, relax and go see everyone that we do not normally see throughout the year. I’m with the people I love and enjoy laughter-filled days, great meals, awesome conversation, lots of fun activities, and gifts. In fact, you could take away all the presents and the other trappings of Christmas except this time spent with family and friends and I would still love it just the same (this is a worst case scenario, without gifts hahaha ... I love gifts ... )

I also love the Christmas parties. I do not dread going from one Christmas party to the next because I like celebrating the spirit of the season with people who matter the most to me. I'm no longer a child, but I still enjoy those simple parlor games, non-stop catching up with cousins, meeting new additions to the family, etc. I also like going inside to watch old Christmas movies while snacking next to the Christmas tree. Christmas, even the small parts, is just so magical. I feel the magic in the air when I watch the Christmas tree glow with all its twinkle lights. Most of all, I love how I see my son sleep next to his cousins on Christmas Eve, right in front of the tree.

I am thankful for the many ways that I have been showered with blessings. I make sure that I take time to write a note to the people that I love to tell them how I love and cherish them. While it takes me a long time to write all of these letters, it is important for me that they know just how much they have blessed and touched my life. I hardly ever give a Christmas present without attaching a simple letter. Lastly, I love how Christmas is a constant reminder to be grateful for your blessings and to cherish the people in my life.

Those are the main reasons I love Christmas. Take some time and go through the reasons why you love Christmas, too. I believe you will realize that it really is the best and the most wonderful time of the year.

Hope. Hope is something we all need in our lives at all times. It can help us achieve a rich, full life. May everyone enjoy their Christmas and head into 2012 filled with hope and a rich life. Let us also not forget our unfortunate brothers and extend whatever assistance we can in their time of need. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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    • moiragallaga profile image

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Sorry for the late response acaetnna, was busy the past few days spending time with family enjoying the Christmas holidays. Thank you for dropping by and for your comment.

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

      I certainly agree with you that Christmas is such a wonderful and magical time of year. It is a time to love and care.