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The MikWright Kids Have Done It Again

Updated on January 5, 2010

For those of you who have been living under a rock or haven't sent a greeting card to anyone in the last decade or so I have to say, "Wake up people!" The ONLY card to send anyone for any occasion is a MikWright card. If you've read my blogs you should all ready know how much I love Tim and Phyllis (yes, in that way) over at MikWright but in case you were in the hospital (the only reason acceptable for not reading my blog) then allow me to educate you once again. (And to learn more about MikWright, go to my "Favorite Things" on my site at ) But most importantly on to the topic of the day (month, year - okay the freakin' century) The MikWright kids have done it again - Don't Get Me Started!

Imagine if you will a young(ish) forty-something gay starting a website. What to do? What to put on the blank pages? And what photos to put on to make him look as thin as possible? Yes, there were many questions I had for myself as I began the journey of creating my own website. But one thing I knew for certain, that was that people were going to want to know what "my favorite things" were and why you ask? Well haven't you seen the bracelets WWSW? (No, not "What Would Jesus Do? But What Would Scott Want? - okay they don't exist.) But let's face it, I'm a guy you want to give gifts to, right? But I digress. Without a doubt the first thing that would go on the Fave Things page was MikWright. I had been buying their cards for years along with their calendars and other merch so I knew they had to take the journey of building my website with me. However not knowing how things work in the land of websites and links (the only two "Links" I knew were Lancelot Link and Link from The Mod Squad) I figured I should be a good Jewish boy and ask for permission to include them on the site. To be honest I thought I'd never hear back from the card moguls but the fates were shining down and Phyllis and Tim proved the old cliché is true - the bigger they are, the nicer they are. They allowed me to include them on the site, sent me great stuff and thus a meneagetrois (of sorts) began. We became members of the Mutual Admiration Society and dare I say, if loving them is wrong, I don't want to be right (just want to be MikWright - couldn't resist).

Through our emails (and a lovely meeting with Tim here in Vegas as he jetsetted through) we became close and I felt that I had to share some of my classic family photos with them. (Yes, in my constant battle to lose my status as The Greatest Never Was Been There Ever Was - I will do anything and becoming a card star seemed like a possible way "in") And so it came to pass that they chose two photos from my collection (one of me in drag at the age of seven or something and one of my mother from the 60's). They added their sassy biting humor to the photos in order for them to become MikWright worthy, and voila! See my card here or visit the MikWright website at to see all the fabulous cards and gift items) As if that wasn't enough, my mother and I were chosen to receive a true honor - we were not only nominated but we won the opportunity to become coasters as well! (Okay, truth be told there was no one else in our category, nor an awards show but I wanted to make it sound as show bizzy as possible)

Try as I might to convince Phyllis and Tim that what they really need is a Jewish line of cards (Can you say MikWrightRosen? I can!) Such has yet to come to fruition (though I'm still lighting candles and holding out hope) however I was delighted to find that they wanted to include yet another photo of moi in their latest collection. (And this time not in drag) Wait for it, here it comes - a photo of me at an early age on Santa's lap (have no idea why a nice Jewish boy was on Santa's lap - was probably asking for something but letting him know it was okay if he got me something "gently used" - like my cousin Sheila - as I wasn't gentile) and the caption inside reads "so I pee a little when I get excited, give a kid a break santa! Happy holidays" How brilliant is that?

When the first two cards came out, all I was interested in was "outselling" my mother's card but now with the latest card coming out I'm starting an all out campaign to be the hottest holiday item since Guilt To Go Elmo (This was a toy that was only produced in my mind - it's Elmo and when you poke him he's like, "that's okay, go ahead and play with your other toys. I'll just sit here on this hard shelf that no doubt will kill my back while you enjoy yourself with G.I. Joe. No really, I'm fine. Coughing? Sure I'm coughing - you sit up here with all the dust without a Claritin and tell me you wouldn't be choking but I'll be fine. <sputter> <cough> no really, go ahead, play, enjoy yourself.")

So screw Christmas in July, June or even December - start stocking up immediately to send to every single person you know. From all my nudging Tim he finally sent me an email that said, "You sold 6 to a beauty shop in Idaho" - my response to him was immediate - "Do I need to go on a publicity tour? I can start there and sign the six cards they bought and go boutique to salon across the country signing and doing "readings" of my card. Dear God, please tell me they bought six dozen and not just six cards!?!" So while I assemble my assistants and security for my cardcert tour, do yourself and everyone you know a favor - go buy my damn card immediately.  And as Tiny Tim said (Yes, I played the role when I was a mere six or seven), "God Bless Us, Everyone. Well, those who buy my card - screw everyone else!"

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