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The Most Haunted House in America

Updated on October 29, 2015

Upon entering, "The Whaley House," a heavy presence and odd feeling overwhelms and envelopes you and descends upon you, upon entering the house. A few of the different feelings that people have experienced and have seen some of the paranormal entities of not just one spirit watching you, but as you move from room to room throughout this house several different entities and their presence are felt and seen.

No one is exempt from the taunts of the spechters at "The Whaley House," sometimes being touched and tugged of their clothing, where they (the spechters) pull and touch you to grab your attention. Voices of both female and male beings or of the departed make there way throughout the house and especially the areas of bedrooms where the undead or dare I say, the departed spent most of there time. Sometimes there are whispers throughout the house and there is no one anywhere around. Also heard are cries in pain by a small child, where it is muffled and unclear why they are here.

The spechter of a tall man who appears hanging in a doorway appears out of nowhere and it appears in the doorways of the lower bedrooms; and taunts the guests or anyone who walks in or stays in "The Whaley House" after dark. This is the poltergeist that causes the most havoc in the house.

Touring and walking around, there are also other apparitions that could be seen and amoung them are men who seem to be of different centuries and cultures, and that of whom appear with and without facial hair (moustache) and dress; these apparitions that appear also re-appear continually, and at different times to several guests who have stayed at "The Whaley House."

There also seems to be a shadowy figure of a woman who appears to look like the late Anne Whaley that appears in one of the bedrooms and it has been confirmed that this is the very same woman who died in the bedroom, that of Anne Whaley and also that of Violet Whaley.

When walking through to the bedrooms a child could be heard crying and moaning in pain at different times also.

Then there is what appears to be a spirit of a woman who appears sometimes in the bedrooms where it is said that Anne Louise Whaley, the wife and mother of two daughters appears in one of the bedrooms where the theatre now exists.

It is also a place or bedroom where it is said the four year old girl or child who died. The name of the four year old child was Mary Ann Reynolds, the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Whaley who was a just four years old when she died in the house after running into a clothesline and puncturing her trichia while running around in the yard or who may have been poisoned or something of that nature.

It is also a well known fact that one of the Whaley's daughters whose name was, Violet Whaley, committed suicide by shooting herself with her father's pistol in one of the bedrooms. Another death in "The Whaley House."

There is also the ghost of Mr. Thomas Whaley, who was an entrepreneur and successful businessman who also haunts "The Whaley House." A ghost of a mustached man who appears to look like Mr. Whaley appears throughout the house and he is everywhere in the house.

The house was once a busy and and florishing area of an ancient indian burial ground and reservation, a general store, a court house, a public school, church, theatre, gallows, and the most recent; the site of "The Whaley House." The Whaley House is on route 101 was built and constructed in 1857 and is the oldest brick structure in San Diego.

Mr. Whaley relocated himself and his family from Massachusetts when they had a fire in there home and built "The Whaley House" in 1957. Prior the building and construction of "The Whaley House" it was the gallows of the courtyard and a court house sat on its grounds.

In 1852, In the area where the parlour sits in the lower level of "The Whaley House" in a corner of the parlour is exactly where the spechter of James "Yankee Jim" Robinson, appears in the doorway and in the room where he was hanged in the gallows of the property. Some people have complained of the feeling of heaviness, headaches, and the sensations of a vicious or awful sensation of the throat being constricted and burning sensation on the throat.

One of the most haunted houses in America, is "The Whaley House," in San Diego, California. Many different entities, apparitions, spechters, ghosts, and especially the poltergeist spirit of a man named Jim "Yankee Jim" who was hung on the property of "The Whaley House appears without any warning and causes havoc in many of the rooms at the house.

Different entities have made "The Whaley House" their home. It was constructed on an ancient Indian reservation and a spiritualist who had a psychic encounter or reading said it was a reservation for the Arapahoe tribe. In his reading some of the ancient native american spirits who appeared to be dressed in cloth and their hair was pulled up or tied up in separate small clamp-like hairpins (about 4-5) on top and their head and the rest of the hair flowed to one side.

The video that I have presented to you shows some of the unexplainable occurances that go on in the house. Including that of someone locking doors and holding them shut, touching and holding different parts of the body and the hand, choking sensations on the neck, heavy presence and nausea, headaches of severe caliber, and noises that are made thoughout the residence. In addition, to the above incidents there is also a psychic enounter where the "glass demoniation" was used to ask the spirits questions by moving the glass about.

In addition, to the seaonce-like gathering that the psychics held with the spirits a series of knocking and banging on the walls occurred, also shadows appeared and began to move about the house.

Many series of questions were asked of the spirits and they were also asked if they were paying their pennance and if they believed in God and why they were fearful. That was one of the feelings and psychic encounters with the spirits that one of them felt that of fear that the spechter himself felt and feelings of deariness and dread. Especially that of the confirmation and presence of the ghost of "Yankee Jim," whose presence is the most powerful and active in the house.



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