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The Mother-In-Law Gifts You Would Love to Give

Updated on December 21, 2009
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Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.

If you are married, you probably have one of those mother-in-law creatures that tend to turn up as you are trying to get the kids ready for school, as you begin dinner, when you are cleaning, and the rare times you get to be romantic. With the holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations you cannot ignore getting a gift for someone who means so much to your life. Here are a few suggestions to help you.

(Disclaimer: This piece will be no fun until my mother-in-law actually reads it. Then I'll take a two year vacation in the Alps!)

The Ultimate Duct Tape!!!!

With acquiring a mother-in-law, you usually acquire a mouth that never stops.  They are always opening it to give you advice on how to cook, clean, dress, lose weight, raise your kids, and other domestic topics.  In fact, they love to help you.  As you are trying to dress a screaming kid or cook dinner with four or five kids running around and the phone ringing every two seconds they lean against the kitchen counter and explain how they would have done it better.

What do you give as a gift for such a person whose mouth needs a little bit of a rest?  The most wonderful invention in the last two centuries: Duct Tape.  This tool works wonders in keeping pipes together, holding up buildings, keeping cars from falling apart, and giving the gift of rest for your mother-in-law.  With this gift, she can give her mouth a rest that is long overdue.

They spend so much time in helping everyone else do their everyday tasks.  With the gift of duct tape you can let them know who much you care.  They will be so ecstatic to know that they are loved as they use it.  In fact your father-in-law might petition you for sainthood.

She Is On The Way!

Does your mother-in-law happen to drop in without notice?  Does she usually come at the most inconvenient times?  Do you find that if you only had warning of her arrival you would be more charming or at least had time to hide the clutter in the closet or get clothes on?  Help the dear woman out by buying her a bell so that you know when she arrives or is in the vicinity. 

If the bell is the type to wear, it makes it easy to hear her coming up to the front door.  You will be able to have things more appropriate for her arrival.  If the bell is one that can be placed by the mailbox, you can hear the chime as she pulls in. 

With the gift of forewarning, both parties can be better prepared and have a more enjoyable visit.  You are giving her the gift of communication.  What a loving and wonderful gift to give your mother-in-law.

(It always helps to know where she is.  You can have notice to change a conversation topic before it is too late.)

The Written Word

Mother-in-laws are always giving advice (butting in).  If a thought occurs to them, they rush over or call during the busiest times of your life to share it with you.  Give them the gift of cost savings and time savings - a journal.

Let them know how you care about their well-being by giving them a journal to write down all that advice.  They will not risk the dangerous traffic.  They will save on gas money and will not use up the minutes on their phone.  With a journal they can jot those statements down for you to really get into at a time that will allow you to read them.

A journal will allow them to collect these sayings to help others in their family.  It could become a family heirloom to pass on through the generations.

(It is also a great way to record those statements and remind of them when she denies ever saying it.)

Lose It Together!

You mother-in-law really cares about you.  Every time she sees you she comments on the weight you have gained.  She loves to guess what you weight is at now.  Show that you are listening to her advice by giving her a diet book.  I know it sounds weird, but by giving this gift you are asking her to help you by joining you on this diet. 

She has been commenting for years and even telling you how to lose it (though she seems to be gaining it).  Ask her to come with you on this diet journey and share more of her wisdom as she eats her own words, eh as she learns along with you (I mean).

The mother-in-law longs for a relationship with you and quality time spent together.  Spend it getting into shape.

Learn New Words!

She has been giving you advice for years.  But do you notice how so much of it is repetitive.  By giving a journal you help alleviate that.  You can just open up the book and read it again if it needs reinforcement.  But do you really see how so many of the words are the same?

Give her a gift of a dictionary.  Help her expand her vocabulary in her suggestions and helpful comments.  She will learn new words to help you in your life and direct you in the areas that you lack her expertise.

You will be showing her love by caring about your communication.

The Fun of a Mother-In-Law

I have a relationship with my mother-in-law in which I can easily joke around. I always wait till she is around to make jokes about those irritating mother-in-laws. It is no fun if she does not hear it.

I hope that you enjoyed the fun of the mother-in-law gifts. At least you had a few moments of dreaming of buying the perfect gift for not only her but yourself.


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    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      This slayed me. I can see it now, giving the ex-mother-in-law DUCT TAPE, to help her to keep her advice to herself!!! I can picture the aftermath even more clearly!!!

      This was funny, and I hope you enjoyed venting a little there!

    • dusanotes profile image

      dusanotes 8 years ago from Windermere, FL

      Thanks, RGraf, for the Hub that helps us men handle what can be a very sensitive subject, gifts for mother-in-law. Frankly, when my wife's parents were alive, I let her handle it. Don White