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The Mother We Take For Granted.

Updated on June 20, 2015

Honor Our Mother on Mothers' Day.


Mothers' Day.

On Sunday, May 10th we will be honoring our Mothers who has loved and cared for us throughout our lives. I would like to us to take a few moments and think about the Earth as a Mother, she's caring for us and our welfare just as our human mothers have.

Mother Earth is constantly supplying to our needs throughout our lives directly and indirectly.We don't think of her as a Mother, but she does feed, clothe and shelter us.

I have often thought about the Earth in this aspect and have decided to write about it with the hopes that readers, who are kindred on this topic, would contribute their experience with caring for the Earth as Mother Earth.

Now, before you go thinking, "What a nut case tree hugger!" Please read on.

I have used a few simple Mother's Day activities as examples of Mother Earth's provisions.


Thank you Mother Earth, for Flowers we gifted to Mom.

I know, I know, you bought them at the store.

But remember, flowers come from plants that grew from seeds, or cuttings, that were planted in the soil, which, as we all know, is Earth. The beautiful bouquet of roses grew on bushes that fed, through their roots, on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and water from the earth in which it was planted.

Someone planted them, but who kept their roots firmly in place in order for them to produce the strong beautiful blooms that will produce the smiles, warm hearts and bring forth enjoyment that makes the light in our Mothers' eyes shine brighter on Mothers Day?

That's right, Mother Earth!

Recycled Wine Bottles.


Thank you Mother Earth, for the Wine we will drink with Mom.

Getting a special bottle wine for Mom on Mothers' Day?

Please remember our dear Mother Earth who facilitated and nurtured the wine grape vines that produced the bountiful bunches of grapes used in the process that made this elegant gift possible.

Please remember to recycle that empty bottle of Merlot or Pinot, if it's been used up. One of the pains Mother Earth has borne for over a decade is the pile up of our irresponsible waste management.


Thank You for Jewels that we gifted Mom.

That fabulous butterfly shaped ring that Mom had always, always wanted!

You can finally give it to her!

Please remember to thank our Mother Earth for the resources and process that made the beautiful gems possible.

Through high pressure and temperature within the Earth's mantle diamonds are produced and used to decorate that beautiful ring .

There are certain minerals that are necessary for forming rocks, the miracle of it is that certain combinations forms the abrasive stuff we use for sandpaper while other combinations produce crystals that becomes rubies, sapphires and other gemstones depending on the type of impurities that influence the color of the clear crystals.

Not to forget the precious metals that are shaped to any designs to form necklaces, bracelets and earrings also. We've mined these from Mother Earth with dreams of a better life buzzing around in our mind.

Thank you Mother Earth for the Cards for Mom.

I bet Moms every where would be looking forward to reading the beautiful words, from her Mother's Day greeting card. A card that you chose carefully, both words and picture, that would best tell dear Mother how much you love her.

Please take a moment to give thanks to Mother Earth for supplying the paper that was used to make the card that you, so carefully hand picked or made for Mom.

Thank you for providing the resources towards building our houses. Lumber from trees, nails from metals mined from the earth....

Thank you for being tolerant of our excessive waste. We throw our garbage every where and think of new ways to create more. Sorry for being so careless.

Thank you, Mother Earth, for providing us with water to sustain our daily activities.

Thank you for beautifying our home, our gardens, our lakes and parks.

Thank you for providing sustenance to our Mothers who have loved and nurtured just as you have nurtured them.

Have Happy Mother's Day and make All Mothers proud!



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    • skperdon profile image

      skperdon 2 years ago from Canada

      I always wondered how many of us think about the Earth as a Mother.

      Thank you for concurring and for commenting Catherine.

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 2 years ago from Orlando Florida

      A lovely tribute to Mother Earth. Yu are right. We forget to honor her. Mothers are often taken for granted, none more so than Mother Earth.