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The Grinch & the Christmas storm

Updated on December 2, 2015

At the foot of Mt Crumpet in the town of Who Ville

All the Whos were preparing for a new Christmas year

Martha-may and the Grinch helped with the town tree

And made a list of who the new cheer-meister might be

Since the Grinch’s heart had grown ever so big

He helped make who-pudding with fresh picked who-figs

His Grinch-heart was bursting with all his who-joy

He loved Christmas more than any Who girl or boy

“I love Christmas Max” he said with a smile

All those years that I wasted, and I wasted a pile

But I won’t waste another, that You’ll never see

For this is the best time of year there could be”

But a blizzard was coming and coming quite fast

And the mayor of Who Ville gave a sad sad who-cast

“There’s a big storm coming” he said somewhat grim

Keep your Family and who-pets safely tucked in”

“I'm sorry to say but with this weather you se

This years who-bulation will simply not be I

I know you are sad and as well, so am I

but our who- feast will simply have to pass by

But the Grinch heard the words the Mayor had said

And he looked down at Max and he shook his Grinch head

This simply can’t happen, it simply can’t be

It will interrupt Christmas for the Who’s, and for me!

“I must stop it from coming I must find a way

I must not let this storm Interrupt Christmas day”

Then a thought came to the Grinch and it came to him fast

I’ll make a machine, and change the who-cast

So the Grinch went back up high on Mt Crumpet

And he worked on his machine, a storm stopping-who-what’s it

He worked through the night, he used things the who's tossed

"I must save Christmas Max, tomorrow cannot be lost!"

When at last it was done he pulled it outside

“Well let’s hope this thing works Max” he said with a sigh

He pressed the start button and it started to turn

Then the wheels began spinning and the gears all to churn

It made quite a noise that could be heard in the town

Cindy-Lou winced when she heard the loud sound

So Cindy-Lou went to Mt. Crumpet & climbed to the top

To see if the Grinch might make the loud loud noise stop

”Mr. Grinch; Mr. Grinch please”, She began to say

“Can’t you make that horrible noise go away?”

“I can’t Cindy Lou, For there’s no other way”

“Tomorrow is Christmas, I must do this today!”

“But Mr. Grinch,” She smiled and took his green hand

“I think perhaps you still don’t understand!”

“You can’t stop the weather with your Who what’s it machine,

That’s something with which we cannot intervene”

“But Christmas” she smiled, “is held in the heart!”

Not the feast that we have; the roast beast or who-tarts”

Christmas is that warm feeling we all get inside

It’ s how we live and how we run our who-lives”

Then the Grinch looked at her and then at his machine

And he though on her words and what it all means

They both looked at the storm heading their way

And watched it turned on its own and saved Christmas day

“You see?” Cindy-Lou smiled and said to the Grinch

“We cant change the weather not one little inch!”

There’s someone else that has that in his hands

And we need to trust him with all that we can!”

The Grinch thought about it and saw she was right

Christmas was much more than a day and a night

Then as they stood on Mt. Crumpet, the clouds cleared away

They saw one bright star shining, like the first Christmas day

The Grinch saw in the eyes of that sweet Cindy-Lou

That Christmas was each year something special and new

As they walked down Mt Crumpet and back to Who Ville

He found the true meaning of Christmas and caries it still.

This is a spin created by Stuart A Lawrence, with characters of Dr. Seuss's story, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" it was created for fun and enjoyment of its readers.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      That was absolutely wonderful. It was such a pleasure reading it. Thank you.

    • must65gt profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      I'm so happy you liked it Jeanie, Please stop by any time, and thank you very much. We do need more good and positive things to think about don't we. God Bless

    • jeanie.stecher profile image


      7 years ago from Seattle

      Nice poem. =) Good thing during this Christmas season. =)


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