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The One Bad Thing About Christmas

Updated on December 21, 2011

The one thing I dislike about the holiday

I'll get right to the point as to the one thing about the Christmas holiday that I don't like - at all:


One of the nastiest foods on earth in my view.

My animosity toward this delicacy goes back to when I was a little kid and living with my grandparents in what was then a rural area (and is more suburban now) outside of Riverside, CA, which is around 60 miles east of Los Angeles.

My grandmother used to buy fruitcake from the supermarket, and while I was quite the food lover at that time (and still am), there were a few foods that I couldn't eat, the taste was so bad in my mouth.

Fruitcake was one of them.

You may ask, why this hatred of fruitcake?

I think it's the fact that I just don't believe that fruit belongs in cake; every time I had some of the stuff as a youngster, I always found myself picking out the different green and red, well, I don't know what fruit it was.

Plus the cake itself wasn't so much cake in classic terms, but more of a hard pudding-like substance that, from what I remember, took a long time to chew.

In any terms, it was - and remains to this day - the one thing about Christmas that I truly dislike; luckily it didn't take away from the holiday, as the fact that there were all sorts of fun goodies waiting under the tree on the morning of December 25, all for me, along with the egg nog and A Charlie Brown Christmas and all those other children's specials on TV, more than made up for the nastiness of fruitcake.

I've always felt that parents - or Santa Claus for those youngsters who are still inclined to believe in him in this day and age - should not threaten their offspring with nothing or a lump of coal in their stocking on Christmas Day if they misbehave.

They should say, "If you're not good, you'll be getting fruitcake, and the worse you behave, the bigger the piece you'll get - maybe a whole fruitcake if you're bad enough!"

Believe me, while I was generally a good kid, I would have straightened up real quick with the threat of finding that so-called food under my tree or in my stocking.

Putting it another way, there's a reason why fruitcake seems to always be passed around from family member to family member this time of year; I am far from the only person in America, or the world for that matter, who has an aversion to that ridiculous food - which to me doesn't even deserve to be called food.

Don't get me wrong - I like Christmas a lot, there's so many great things about that holiday.

It's just that fruitcake is the thing that keeps the holiday from being absolutely perfect, and that's OK - nothing's perfect in this life.

Just something to ponder as the merriment commences - Happy Holidays.


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    • Steven Davis II profile image

      Steven Davis II 6 years ago from Dayton, Ohio

      This is one of the worst "desserts" ever invented. I share your animosity towards it. Surely, fruit can be incorporated into a cake without it having the texture and flavor of a brick.

    • aslaught profile image

      aslaught 6 years ago from Alabama

      I'm pretty much in agreement on the fruitcake. I love sweets, but this one just doesn't cut it.