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The Pros and Cons of Giving Gifts

Updated on December 14, 2012

There are several occasions when giving a gift is expected during the year. The Christmas season is one, birthdays another, but whatever the reason, there is a science or art of gift giving. Do you receive gifts you don't want and then regift it to another later just to get rid of it? Maybe you spend hours deciding what to buy someone for this heartfelt moment. How many times have you spend a lot of money on a gift that was never used by the recipient? Do you give a gift with the expectation of getting something back? Maybe, you give because it is expected of you, and you really could care less, so, you grab something.

The psychology of giving and receiving is difficult. Believe it or not, researchers have studied this and have concluded that regifting an item that sat around for months and given to another person is okay. Don't be embarrassed, just be sure the person who gave it to you is not around when presents are exchanged. Beware about spending too much time selecting it because a thoughtful gift usually is no more appreciated than any other one. The only person who cares is the giver, so if the reaction is not what you expected, don't be offended.

The best gift to give is one that the receiver wants, not one you think they need or want. So, as the date approaches, listen and inquire as to their wants. It's not the thought that counts, but it is the gift that counts.

The very best gift that is always appreciated is money or gift cards. What is there not to like? They buy what they want and it is appreciated. It requires little time and zero wrapping. Of course, this gift type applies only to those ages 10+. Of course, this sort of gift does take the excitement out of things because its a small package.


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