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The Real Meaning of Easter...Truth Is...

Updated on December 24, 2012

What is Easter a Celebration of?

There are several religious observances in today's christian church;sadly not many know the true origins of these observances, and even more disturbing is that those that DO know choose to ignore them and continue with the practice(s) with full knowledge that what they are observing is in total opposition to what GOD would have his people to do! There are many reasons or excuses that they do this; most commonly it is because they were raised practicing these things, or that everyone else they know do it and they refuse to be the one to go against the masses; worse, they refuse to "deny" their children the practice because other children do it! When you think about it, they are saying : "I know it's wrong and GOD frowns upon this, but I'm going to do it anyway and I'm also going to teach my children to do the same." These same people then turn to GOD asking him to "bless" them! Truth Is...

On this occasion we will be looking at one of the most outrageous of these church-sponsored affronts to GOD is the observance of Easter. Truth Is...

In order to get a clear and ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE and understanding of this let's get some background...

After the flood of Noah's day man again began to populate the earth; these were descendants of Shem, Ham, and Japeth; the sons of Noah. One of them, Nimrod, rose to the point of leadership. The great Grandson of Noah's son Ham, Nimrod who was black was highly intelligent and amassed a following. Historically, it is said that he murdered his father and married his mother, Esther; he then declared himself king and proceeded to build the world's first city, Babylon. Biblically, Nimrod is said to be a man who DEFIED GOD;how so? It was Nimrod who organized the building of the famed Tower of Babel. The premise for this structure was to build a tower that reached so far into the heavens that it would be impossible for GOD to destroy all of mankind with another flood because they would climb up into the tower and ascend into the heavens where GOD was.

How presumptuous! Imagine: Nimrod basically said:"If GOD gets angry enough to bring another flood, I'LL SAVE YOU!" Keep in mind that these people were still much closer to Adam's perfection in lineage than we are today; with that they were stronger, and far more intelligent, using much more of their brain's capacity than the less than 1/3 that we do today. Case in point: we cant build a pyramid...

So capable were they that we need to look at GOD's reaction: Genesis 11:5&6 says: "But the Lord God came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built(6) and the Lord said, 'Indeed the people are one and they have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they proposed to do will be withheld from them"...

If you are paying attention here you see that GOD himself is saying that as things stood at the time they actually COULD have built a tower that reach into the upper stratosphere or heavens as it were.That is the reason what HE did next as we read on in verse 7:"(GOD said) Come, let us go down and confuse their language, that they may not understand one another's speech..." With that, GOD caused man to be unable to work together and build the tower to completion or work in unison against his will as a group in defiance; man was scattered throughout the then known world, splitting into groups that could communicate with one another.

Not withstanding, Nimrod was revered, worshipped even; this was the man who "stood up to GOD"! Even after man was scattered this reverence for Nimrod continued, in fact with man on his own as it were, away from direct control and leading of Nimrod, it grew stronger. Upon his death, his wife/mother, Esther, determined to keep the stronghold they held over the world's population, promoted the notion that Nimrod had risen to an even greater 'god' status. This was the true birth of today's Trinity; it was first taught and believed that Nimrod, his wife/mother Esther, and the newly re-born Nimrod was a triune Deity. They were also known as Isis and Osiris(Nimrod and Esther), Yet another symbol in religion that derives from Nimrod's rule is the cross, known in those times as an "Ankh"; it was the symbol of Babylon. Mind you, these things were in existence and practiced some 2,000 years before Jesus walked the earth...Truth Is...

So how did Easter come about? When Nimrod died, in an effort to maintain overall ruler-ship and the reverence held for Esther and Nimrod, Esther had his body dismembered and the parts placed in ornate oval cylinders that were overlaid with gold, copper, silver, and other precious metals and gems and then had them distributed throughout the then known world where they became objects of worship amongst the masses. These cylinders were called:"Esther's eggs"...(get it?)

Moving forward: in the first century Rome was under the ruler ship of emperor Constantine. This was also the time of the first century Christian congregation established by James, John, Peter, Paul, and Jesus' original disciples who by then were all executed or dead. But the congregation was rapidly growing and spreading throughout the provinces under Rome's rule; this struck fear in Constantine and his roman constituents. Feeling a threat to his sovereignty, Constantine had all the religious leaders from all the nations that Rome ruled gather at what became known as the Nicean Conference, held in Nice(pronounced neese) France. What they did at that conference was take all the religions of all the people under Roman rule and mixed them; this included christianity which had become quite popular. What they found was that all the religions were rooted in the deifying of Nimrod, and what they did was in places where Nimrod would have been the center piece they inserted Jesus. It is Nimrod who was born December 25th, not Jesus; Jesus did NOT die on a cross. Roman crucifiction took place on a straight up and down tree sheared into a post. Both hands would be nailed(at the wrists) or tied srtraight up above a person's head and the their body suspended from there with the legs broken to cause the weight of the body to become dead weight that would perpetually apply pressure to one's lungs until they would burst, This was a very cruel and extreme excruciatingly painful way to die.

That Nicean Conference resulted in the birth of the "Holy Roman Empire" and the Roman Catholic church. Everyone under the providence of Roman rule had to worship as a catholic or risk being thrown into the arena to battle bears, tigers, lions, and other wild ferocious animals, and each other, as entertainment to the roman masses. Sadly there were many in the real Christian congregation who chose the compromise perhaps saying:"It's still about Jesus"; instead of holding fast and keeping GOD's approval. many who held true did in fact die in the arenas. But didn't Jesus teach a resurrection? Like today's "christians" many did'nt want to Trust GOD's promises, they didn't want to wait; like today's "christians" they wanted their blessing then and now! Truth is...

With that, keep in mind that when you support, promote, or observe these things like Christmas and Easter, you are in effect thumbing your nose at the proper way of worshipping GOD, and truthfully insulting Jesus by even mentioning him under the auspices of a blatantly pagan observance...Truth is...

Then presumptuously you will turn right around and praise GOD and Jesus and ask them to "bless" you! HOW DARE YOU!

That leaves the question: now that you know the truth about easter, what will YOU do?

(I again encourage you to pray earnestly when reading any hub by Truth is, and ask GOD what HE thinks. The facts within this article are actually verifiable through history books and even online,,,I encourage you to do that too...Truth is...


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