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The Sexual Side Of Easter

Updated on May 16, 2012

Rabbits, Eggs, Ishtar what does it all really mean?

  • Easter has several different origins and meanings and is celebrated by many different cultures. Christians, Jewish, and Pagan religions just to name a few. In most Christan countries the holiday is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the son of God. The Jewish festival of passover or pesach, which is derived from Pasah, another name used by European for Easter. Passover is celebrated for 8 days and commemorates the flight and freedom of the Israelites from slavery of Egypt.
  • The celebrations of Easter have many customs and legends that are Pagan in origin. In the Pagan religion during mythology times Easter was signified as welcoming spring, the worship of the sun on Vernal Equinox. Vernal Equinox is the perfect balance of light and darkness. The sun is hierarchy because of its true power as an amazing generator. The masses worshipped the sun because its heat and light would ensure an abundant harvest. The ancient tradition were founded by people who were aware of seasonal change.
  • A lot of people ask , what does rabbits and eggs have to do with Easter? Well in mythology times the rabbit was known for his over active sexual behavior. Rabbits have the ability to procreate at the speed of light. They are very fertile animals and have multiply babies at once. During spring you can see there babies scampering everywhere throughout the land. The rabbit represents fertility. Eggs, now there are a few different stories of the egg. One, birds usually lay there eggs in spring time and its a natural symbol for springs rebirth and new life. Second, Ishtar Goddess of love and fertility also known as semiramis, Eostre, Isis, and Venus. The Babylonians believed Queen Semiramis came down from the heavens in a giant egg which landed in the Babylonian river, she was accompanied by a humanoid rabbit. When she came out of the egg, all the women of the city became pregnant. It was believed that in her presence fertility was guaranteed, so during the celebration of spring, sexual orgies would take place in hopes to become pregnant and populate the land. They believed in her absence of the land humans and animals could not reproduce. So this was there time to mate and be merry
  • No matter what your beliefs are about Easter or how you celebrate it, whether its gathering the family for a great big feast, going on easter egg hunts and gift giving, to just enjoying the sun and bringing in the wonderful season spring, Easter is an ongoing tradition that will be around for many many years to come.


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    • cherrycrime26 profile imageAUTHOR

      January Moon 

      7 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      @Gary Thanks, theres a whole lot behind Easter people turn a blind eye to, lol, glad you like it.

    • Gary Rowell profile image

      Gary Rowell 

      7 years ago from Florida,USA

      Very interesting article! Great information.


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