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The Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and NY Giants

Updated on January 23, 2012

I know, you are thinking, huh? Dude, you got it wrong! Well, of course, but the NFC play-off game was what all Super Bowls should strive for: two evenly matched teams, slugging it out, going into overtime and ending in sudden death.

Even if you only casually watch American football or live in a country that seldom has this football broadcast, this was a great game by any account and surpassed MANY so called super bowl games in on the edge excitement! For the fans of the two teams, it provided a East coast versus West coast and in truth, either team could have won and it was bad luck and fluke events that made the San Francisco 49ers lose. Neither team, at the start of the season were expected to be in the final playoff game, both teams far exceeded all predictions.

Granted, the east coast team played better offensively overall, and it was the SF 49ers defense that stood up to them and shut them down-sacking their QB 20 times. The SF offensive played a very conservative game in the cold and rain making only one third down conversion during the whole game. The SF 49ers offense was stuck in low gear with only occasional bursts into 5th gear, while the NY Giants were throttling much more, the SF defense simply shut down their running game and increasingly made it difficult for Manning to toss competed passes. By the 4th quarter, it was like watching two giants slugging it out and it was a freaking fluke that played against SF with the ball barely touching the SF punt receiver and then picked up by NY. Had that not happened, SF was in a position to end the game in their favor in regular time. Fate was against them then and then again in overtime.

That is football.


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