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Tooth Fairy Letter and Tooth Fairy Certificate - Cool Ideas for Children when they Lose Their Teeth

Updated on February 2, 2012

Congratulations - Your Child has Lost His/Her First Teeth

Many parents are at a lost concerning what they should leave under their child's pillow when their child begins losing their baby teeth. After all, many parents do not get too creative or original with the gift idea at all. Some parents just put money under their child's pillow. Money is okay, but there can be so much more in your child's experience when losing their teeth. At this point and time, your child is still young, and believes in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny. Why not really take advantage of that to help teach them lessons? While children do love money, it is not personal, and nor does it educate and congratulate your child's job well done on taking care of their teeth in a personal way. Therefore, why not give a Tooth Fairy letter and/or a Tooth Fairy Certificate to your child as well?

Reasons Why a Tooth Fairy Letter and/or Tooth Fairy Certificate is Beneficial

A "Tooth Fairy Letter" and/or a "Tooth Fairy Certificate" provides a sense of honor, profoundness, and recognition. For example, when a child just sees money under his/her pillow, he/she gets excited and is probably plotting on how he/she will spend it. However, when a child receives a certificate, he/she receive something it can be proud of...something personal from "the" Tooth Fairy. On this certificate, the Tooth Fairy could say many things that will excite and encourage your child to be/ or continue to be on his/her best behavior (especially concerning their teeth).

For example, the Tooth Fairy might leave a "Tooth Fairy Letter" and mention how proud it is of your child for taking care of their teeth and to keep up the good work. The Tooth Fairy might tell a short story, or perhaps mention how they were peeking in the background at the moment the tooth fell out. Or, the Tooth Fairy could tell a fantastical story about how it took the child's tooth, ground it down into a fine powder, and installed in the tooth protection, favor, and love. Therefore, when it is time for the adult tooth to grow in, the Tooth Fairy will come back during your child's sleep, and effortlessly put the new tooth in the child's mouth. Then the Tooth Fairy could issue a warning stating that it is imperative that the child take care of this tooth filled with protection, love, and favor. That if they don't take proper care of their teeth, such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing, they will lose that special tooth that only a few chosen ones receive.

What a high honor for your child. Not only will the "Tooth Fairy Certificate" give your child a sense of acknowledgment, but it will also express how important it is for your child to take care of his/her teeth. With this said, you could leave the Tooth Fairy Certificate with a short personal "Tooth Fairy letter" like the idea mentioned above. However, those are not the only things you can do for your child when they lose their baby teeth.

Fairies Preparing to Give Their "Tooth Fairy Letters"


Get Creative with the "Tooth Fairy Letter" or "Tooth Fairy Certificate"

The choice is yours. You can just simply leave the certificate, or you can leave a certificate and a short fantastical "Tooth Fairy letter" that your child will always remember. If you really want to get creative with the certificate, letter, or both, you could sprinkle some glitter on them and/or your child saying that it is fairy dust. If you want to give a gift of money, you can do that, too! Why not include it in a letter from the Tooth Fairy saying how he/she left money for the child as a reward and how it hopes the child will act responsibly with the money, and that if they continue to take care of their teeth more good things will come.

You could also leave gift cards as well to their favorite restaurants. The choices are endless. However, the most important thing is providing a positive, personal, and encouraging experience for your child while they are still young enough to view the world through optimistic, innocent, and clear eyes. On the other hand, if you are wanting for time, just the "Tooth Fairy Certificate" or a "Tooth Fairy letter" and a little something extra will do. After all, your child will only have this experience once, and you can use this to help build good hygiene habits for his/her mouth.

What do you think?

Which is better for your child to receive concerning the Tooth Fairy and their teeth?

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